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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Grace TouchWiz UX revealed in leaked video

If rumors are to be believed, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be equipped with an upgraded TouchWiz UX code named as Grace UX. The new UI is nothing but a refined version of the existing TouchWiz that will debut on Galaxy Note 7.

A video released by a leading Italian blog, HDblog reveals the new user experience interface in detail. As per the first look, the interface looks appealing and the notifications module has been completely overhauled. Moreover, the Settings menu has been modified in such a way that the placement of menus is based on various elements.

Designed in a clean and simple interface, the colors look very nice and not too complicated. It is also possible for the users to customize the look of their devices. With the new TouchWiz UX interface, it is possible for the users to make use of icon packs to decorate their devices.

Grace UX features:

If you observe the user interface deeply, you will find that colors are more subdued. The video also showcases the use of widgets including the ability to pick a choice from a wide range of different themes. You will also know the steps required to select wallpapers.

In the upcoming TouchWiz UX, various important apps are displayed with various changes. Recently, XDA developers have posted links to new APKs for SNote, SBrowser, the video player, a launcher for the upcoming Grace UX. To install the APKs, you need root access.

The upcoming update is seen by analysts as an attempt by the company to answer the critics. This is because users complained a lot about the TouchWiz by stating that the icons look cartoonish in addition to saturated colors on the UI. The new update seems to have addressed a number of issues related to the user interface.

According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will also likely get the new UI in the upcoming future.