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New Amazon Kindle with Bluetooth audio up for pre-orders in India

Amazon on Wednesday introduced a refurbished Kindle, which is thinner and much lighter, and is available at a very reasonable price. The new Kindle is available for pre-orders in India at a price tag of Rs. 5,999 and will start shipping from 7th of July.

Despite the penetration of tablets and phablets, Amazon Kindle dominates the e-reader market. The company also continues to augment its Kindle range with new and better features. One distinct advantage with e-readers is its high contrast, touchscreen display, which makes reading pleasure on the device.

The latest iteration of Kindle weighs just 161 grams, which is on par with any standard book. It boasts a six-inch display. Other features include Bluetooth audio paired with the screen reader, and it also allows visually impaired users to hear the content by using the voice reader feature. Another fantastic feature that has been added is that users can now export any note they make or passage highlighted as a PDF. Older Kindles will have to wait for some time before this feature arrives on their screen via a software update.

The user interface has also been upgraded with a new customized home screen pointing to new books released and also recommendations from friends. It is available with a rechargeable battery case.

Earlier Amazon released a top of the line Kindle Oasis reader at a price tag of $290 in the US. The Kindle Paperwhite is also now available in white as well as black color options.

Amazon e-readers are thin and with the latest addition, it has made it even thinner, almost the size of a wafer. This reduction in weight is welcome since it is lighter to hold and adds less weight in your pocket.