Netflix’s App Compatibility Issue with Apple Vision Pro: A Detailed Look

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Netflix’s decision not to develop a dedicated app for Apple’s Vision Pro represents a significant departure in its strategy. Traditionally, Netflix has offered apps for various Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. However, for the Vision Pro, Netflix has decided to enable access to its content only through the Safari web browser, similar to how it’s accessed on Macs. This means no dedicated app and no adaptation of its existing iPad app for Vision Pro’s visionOS interface​​​​.

Key Highlights:

  • Netflix has confirmed it will not create a native app for the Apple Vision Pro headset.
  • The popular streaming service also won’t allow its iPad app to run on the Vision Pro.
  • Users can access Netflix through the Safari web browser on the Vision Pro, but without full quality or download support.
  • Other major streaming services like Disney+, Max, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, and Peacock will have apps available on the Vision Pro.
  • The Vision Pro is set to launch on February 2, 2024, priced at $3,499 USD.
  • Netflix’s decision marks a notable shift in its approach to Apple’s new technology.

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The Impact on Vision Pro Users

This decision makes it challenging for Vision Pro users to enjoy Netflix content, as they now need to log in through a web browser without the ease of a native app. Especially, features like downloading shows for offline viewing won’t be available. This contrasts starkly with other major streaming services that have jumped on board with visionOS native apps or at least offer the iPad app experience. For example, Disney+ is committing to streaming some movies in 3D, providing a cinema-like experience for Vision Pro wearers​​.

Apple Vision Pro: The New Frontier

Set to debut on February 2, 2024, the Apple Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 USD. Apple has encouraged developers to adapt their iPad apps for the new visionOS interface, aiming for a diverse software ecosystem on the Vision Pro. This headset is part of Apple’s push into advanced technology, supporting two main types of apps: those specifically designed for visionOS and existing iPad applications​​.

Netflix’s Historical Relationship with Apple

Netflix’s current stance on the Vision Pro adds another layer to its complex relationship with Apple. Previously, Netflix disabled AirPlay support, and its approach towards Apple’s new technologies has been cautious. Despite this, Netflix has been actively working on its iOS and tvOS apps, reflecting its commitment to the Apple ecosystem in other areas​​.

In conclusion, Netflix’s decision not to develop a Vision Pro app or adapt its iPad app for the new platform is a significant move. While it limits the ease of accessing Netflix content on the Vision Pro, users can still stream through the web browser. This development might change in the future as the market for visionOS devices grows.

Netflix’s choice to not support the Apple Vision Pro with a dedicated app reflects a cautious approach towards new technology and impacts how users will access its content on the headset.

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