NASA is building Modular Telescope in Space with the help of robots

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology and National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) have come together to build a massive telescope in Space by using a modular structure and an assembly of robots.

The Robotically Assembled Modular Space Telescope (RAMST) will be able to complete the different task in the space without facing problems like fatigue, but the robot build telescope will complete the different work without facing any risk of human life. One other reason behind this is it will cut down the cost of scientists who have to travel regularly to space.

The enormous telescope will help the astronomers to give in-depth knowledge about the cosmos and different bodies in the Universe. The other plus point of having built a telescope in the space is that the ground-based is always limited by atmospheric effects and their fixed location on Earth, but the Space-based Telescope will for sure have a successful over launch and better mass capacity.

On talking about this latest development Rudranarayan Mukherjee from the Jet Propulsion Lab said, “The principal goal is to not only develop this robotically assembled telescope but to understand all the technical problems that we can face while building it.”

One other factor that will be a plus point while creating the telescope is to fly the unassembled components information. Also, the architecture is limited to a particular size as the scientists have the option of constructing it in a variety of telescope sizes.

One of the main features of the architecture include not only the robot putting the telescope together but the advanced technologies will help in supporting the operation of the telescope. The proposed design will also have a mirror that will be built with a modular structure.

The latest study Robotically Assembled Modular Space Telescope (RAMST) was published in the Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems.

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