I’ve come across a wide range of Bluetooth speakers though never in my life have seen a speaker that looks so good. It’s a speaker that defies gravity (literally!). I’m talking about the MOXO S-1 speaker that just arrived in our test lab. Yes, it really floats, which left me openly gaping in awe at this piece of technology. They are kind of revolutionary in their own right – as the speaker levitates. It hovers above the surface while playing music and awesome is the word that kept popping in my head. You really need to see it in person. I was lucky enough to spend a good few days with this fascinating piece of tech. Here are my thoughts about it after some testing.

Package Contents:

  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Charger
  • User Manual (in Chinese)
  • USB cable
  • Magnetic plate

Build and Design:

The packaging is very high quality and the components are well protected, packed better than most products I have come across. Opening the box reveals the speaker which looks like an ostrich shaped egg. The bottom of the speaker gets a nice and warm wooden finish, while the top is soft and rubbery that glows.

The speaker is well built, though the top could be prone to damages in the long run. That being said, it still looks awesome. I wish the light had more colors as it only glows in yellow. But given the wooden texture, the yellow works well with the overall package.

Two button operation on the speaker makes it rather simple to use. One button controls the LED light that oozes a soft yellowish glow from the top. The second button is for Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair your smartphone or your MP3 player with the device. Hold it down and it powers on the speaker.

The speaker houses an internal battery. It also has a magnet inside that forms a part of the levitating technology. The magnetic plate which comes bundled with the speaker is also very well built and flaunts the same wooden texture. It’s this plate that helps the speaker levitate.

Sound Quality:

I paired my Nexus with the MOXO S-1, which was rather quick and easy, fired up my playlist and in terms of sound – it’s not the best. For the price, you’d want your speaker to pack in a little more firepower. It lacks the depth while Low and Mid-levels are almost negligent. There’s not much detailing along with soundstage for the price you pay, but by no means is the sound really bad. Clearly, the speaker serves a different purpose; it’s more about style rather than substance. The high price you pay if you decide to pick one is essentially going towards this levitation technology.

How does it float?

It’s a little tricky to get the speaker levitating at first as the magnetic field is pretty strong, but its super fun once up and running. Setting up the speaker is rather simple than it looks. Just plug-in the magnetic plate with bundled charger, hover the egg-shaped speaker over the base and let go to see the speaker float and rotate approximately 3-4 inches above the base. The magnetic field between the speaker and the plate causes the speaker to go airborne.

You can keep the ball spinning for hours at an end if this is what you want, but do not attempt to push the speaker horizontally because it will crash onto the disk below. Speaker can be used independently or floating.

The unit works by using electromagnets, which means putting something between the base and the speaker won’t interrupt the flow. It’s all about presentation here as the speaker looks very very cool to look at. Turning the base off results in a small break and the speaker just lands on the base. No harm is done during the process.


  • Looks awesome
  • Levitates
  • Ambient lighting effects
  • Ideal for rooms or office
  • USB charging dock
  • Supports Bluetooth and NFC connectivity


  • Basic sound quality
  • Speaker prone to damage

Wrap Up:

The speaker looks freaking awesome, and the floating technology is simply epic. I loved showing it off to my friends, and their reactions were simply out of this world – kind of hard to describe in words. What’s more cool is that the levitation is so strong that you can grab the speaker and just spin it as fast as you want to. Though what’s not cool is the fact that neither the awesome egg-shaped design or the levitation adds anything to the sound quality. Still, I don’t have any complaints about it.

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The MOXO-S1 is essentially is a beautiful piece of technology. It could easily become the centerpiece of a room which would get you jaw-dropping reactions. I liked it, not for its sound but it’s magical and Zen-like look and feel. Takes you to Wonderland!