Modern Warfare 3 Beta Marred by Cheaters Despite PlayStation Exclusivity

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The gaming world eagerly anticipates the release of every new beta, hoping for a glimpse into the future of their favorite franchises. However, the recent Modern Warfare 3 PS4 open beta, which was exclusively available to PlayStation players, faced an unexpected challenge. Just hours into its launch, the beta was swamped with cheaters, casting a shadow over what should have been an exciting preview of the game. This incident not only raises concerns about game security but also sparks a debate about the platforms on which cheating is most prevalent. Let’s delve deeper into this unfolding situation.

Key Highlights:

  • Modern Warfare 3 PS4 open beta experiences a surge of cheaters.
  • The beta is exclusive to PlayStation players.
  • Cheating issues arose just hours after the beta opened for non-preorder players.
  • Suspicions arise around PS4 players with jailbroken consoles.
  • Activision’s anti-cheat system, Ricochet, launched last year, yet issues persist.

Modern Warfare 3 Beta Faces Cheating Issues:

Just a few hours into its release, the Modern Warfare 3 PS4 open beta has been inundated with cheaters. This comes as a surprise, especially considering the beta is exclusively available to PlayStation players. The beta showcases a plethora of new and returning features, setting high expectations for the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise.

However, the excitement was short-lived for many as cheaters quickly overshadowed the gameplay experience. The initial wave of players gained access to the beta, and the experience was tarnished for many.

Cheaters Overwhelm the Beta:

The first weekend of the MW3 beta kicked off on October 6 for those who preordered Modern Warfare 3. It was later opened to players who hadn’t preordered on October 8. Given that this initial beta is solely for PlayStation players, the presence of hackers is perplexing.

Soon after the beta became available for non-preorder players, clips began circulating of cheaters disrupting the game. The primary suspects in this wave of cheating are PS4 players with jailbroken consoles. A tweet from Charlie Intel highlighted this issue, showing players using hacks and cheats in the Modern Warfare 3 beta.

The gaming community was quick to react. Many comments pointed out the irony that while PC players often get blamed for cheating in Call of Duty, this time the issue was clearly with PlayStation players. One user remarked, “PS was the issue all along,” while another defended PlayStation players, stating that this was a rare occurrence.

Ongoing Battle Against Cheating:

Cheating in Call of Duty is not a new issue. In an effort to combat this, Activision introduced its anti-cheat system, Ricochet, last year. However, as recent events show, the system is not foolproof. Hackers have consistently posed challenges for Call of Duty developers over the years. It appears these culprits are relentless, resorting to modifying consoles to continue their cheating spree.


The Modern Warfare 3 PS4 open beta, exclusive to PlayStation players, has been overshadowed by a surge of cheaters. This issue arose just hours after the beta was made available to non-preorder players. While the gaming community often points fingers at PC players for cheating in Call of Duty, this incident clearly implicates PlayStation players, particularly those with jailbroken consoles. Despite Activision’s efforts with the Ricochet anti-cheat system, the battle against cheating in Call of Duty continues.

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