Minecraft PS5 Version Appears Imminent After Backend Leaks

Minecraft PS5 Version Appears Imminent After Backend Leaks
Minecraft fans rejoice! Leaks hint at a native PS5 version of the popular game, potentially offering improved graphics and performance.

Years after its initial release, Minecraft fans on PlayStation 5 may finally get their wish: a native, current-gen version of the beloved sandbox game. Recent leaks and discoveries within the PlayStation Store backend suggest that a dedicated PS5 port of Minecraft could be on the horizon, potentially offering enhanced visuals and performance compared to the backwards-compatible PS4 version.

Minecraft has enjoyed immense popularity across a multitude of platforms, but a true next-generation version for consoles has proven elusive. While the PS4 version remains playable on PS5, it lacks the enhancements seen in the upgraded Xbox Series X|S edition, such as 4K resolution support.

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The excitement began when eagle-eyed Reddit users uncovered what looks like title IDs and files specifically designated for a PS5 build of Minecraft. These findings gained further credibility after the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, recognized for its accuracy in revealing upcoming releases, shared a “confirmation” of the leaks. New cover images and IDs point strongly towards a native PS5 version in the works.

Currently, the only way to experience Minecraft on PS5 is through the PS4 version, thanks to backwards compatibility. This means the game misses out on features like true 4K resolution, ray tracing, and higher framerates. Minecraft enthusiasts on PS5 have long awaited a version that harnesses the power of the current-generation console.

If the speculations hold true, a PS5-specific Minecraft could potentially mirror the enhancements available on Xbox Series X|S, delivering 4K resolution and smoother 60fps gameplay. While there’s no word yet from either Mojang or Microsoft on an official release date or feature set, these backend discoveries offer a promising sign for PlayStation fans.

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