Microsoft Windows 10 S to compete with Chromebook in the education sector

Microsoft has introduced its Windows 10 S Education PC to firmly enter the education sector alongside its new rival Chromebook. The intent to play a bigger part in educating school students is quite clear from this move.

The Chromebook has been a huge success in the US, as a report by ‘The Register’ states that more than 50 percent of American school students use it.

The new tools in the PC include new experiences for modern classroom collaboration and features in Minecraft and mixed reality to allow creativity.

At the launch event in New York, Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group of Microsoft said that technology is meant to inspire creativity among students. Students embracing technology as their “first language” will help them learn by communicating and collaborating with anyone across the world.

There has been no word about its introduction in India, but our nation has always proved to be a lucrative market for Microsoft. The imminent arrival of Windows 10S in India is quite intriguing.

Although a large sample of Indian classrooms is in no way any match to the ones in the US, the lack of such study spaces poses a huge potential in the market.

The rigidity in the Indian schooling system is symbolic of several success stories in India and abroad, however, such a change should be welcomed with open arms.

No Indian high school student is devoid of computers and knowledge on connectivity, but should the likes of Chromebooks and Microsoft Windows 10 S make their way here, things will be simpler and more accessible.

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