Home News Microsoft Upgrades AI Tools in Power Platform for 2024

Microsoft Upgrades AI Tools in Power Platform for 2024

Microsoft Upgrades AI Tools in Power Platform for 2024

Microsoft has announced significant upgrades to its AI app-building platforms, focusing on the Power Platform suite, which includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Pages. These enhancements are part of the 2024 release wave 1, spanning from April to September, and are designed to streamline app development, improve user experiences, and integrate advanced AI capabilities across the platform.

Key Upgrades and Features

Power Apps: Power Apps now integrates Copilot, leveraging AI to accelerate app development through natural language processing. Users can describe the app they want, and Copilot helps build it, incorporating contemporary controls, responsive layouts, and collaboration features. This upgrade aims to enhance enterprise-scale development, allowing for broader app deployment across organizations with improved quality assurance tools​.

Power Automate: Copilot capabilities are also extended to Power Automate, enabling users to create and manage automation workflows using natural language. This includes optimizing processes through AI-driven insights and troubleshooting issues more efficiently. The platform introduces new features like the Actions SDK, allowing developers to create custom actions for desktop flows, further enhancing automation capabilities​.

Power BI: Power BI benefits from AI-powered narrative generation and data analysis tools. Users can generate and edit Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) calculations, create narrative summaries, and ask questions about their data in conversational language, making data insights more accessible and impactful​​.

Power Pages: Power Pages now includes an interactive Copilot that supports every step of site building, from design and page layouts to content editing and accessibility checking. This integration simplifies the creation of intelligent websites, enhancing user engagement and data connectivity​.

Microsoft Copilot Studio and AI Builder

Microsoft Copilot Studio: Copilot Studio introduces new capabilities for extending Microsoft Copilots, including generative actions and geo-expansions. This feature allows for the integration of OpenAI’s GPT ods, enabling more advanced AI interactions and integrations across various channels, including WhatsApp​.

AI Builder: AI Builder focuses on three key areas: Prompt Builder for GPT prompts, Intelligent Document Processing with new features, and AI Governance improvements. These initiatives aim to empower users with advanced AI tools, streamline document processing, and enhance governance across AI models within Power Apps​.

Governance and Pro Development

Microsoft continues to enhance governance and administration tools to help customers manage their low-code assets at scale. New security capabilities are introduced to ensure a highly secure platform, while pro development offers extensive tooling capabilities for code-first developers. This integration fosters collaboration between low-code and traditional developers, promoting faster iteration and innovation​.

Microsoft’s 2024 upgrades to its AI app-building platforms signify a substantial leap in making low-code development more accessible and powerful. By embedding AI deeply into the Power Platform, Microsoft aims to boost productivity, streamline workflows, and provide more robust tools for developers and businesses alike.


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