Microsoft Tests New App Layouts Across Its Suite: A Closer Look

Microsoft Tests New App Layouts Across Its Suite
Discover the latest on Microsoft's new app layout testing for Teams, Planner, and Advertising. Learn about enhanced speed, simplicity, and smart features.

In an era where digital workspaces are constantly evolving, Microsoft has taken significant strides in refining its app layouts to enhance user experience across its software suite. The tech giant is actively testing new interfaces for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft Advertising, promising a blend of speed, simplicity, and smarter functionalities.

The Microsoft Teams app is undergoing a comprehensive makeover aimed at doubling its performance speed while halving its memory usage. This initiative follows user feedback, pushing for a platform that’s both easier to navigate and more efficient in handling data, chats, and video conferences. The upcoming Teams version is built on a foundation emphasizing speed, flexibility, and intelligence, paving the way for AI-powered features like the Copilot for Teams. Users can anticipate a simplified user interface, enhanced multi-tenant and multi-account support, and smarter collaboration tools, all contributing to a more intuitive and productive user experience.

Similarly, Microsoft Planner is set to introduce a new, simpler experience in task management. This update aims to consolidate tasks and plans in one easy-to-navigate interface, promising an upgrade that scales from basic task management to comprehensive enterprise project management. Although detailed specifics about the new Planner layout were not disclosed, community discussions suggest a strong user interest in features like Google Calendar integration and improvements in task alerts and calendar visuals​​.

On the advertising front, Microsoft is testing a new interface for Microsoft Advertising, closely mirroring the Google Ads UI. This revamp introduces a navigation layout with two vertical menus, streamlining access to various functions. Additionally, the integration of Copilot into the search bar exemplifies Microsoft’s commitment to incorporating AI tools, aiming to simplify tasks for marketers and reduce the friction between using Microsoft’s and Google’s advertising platforms​.

In rolling out these updates, Microsoft underscores its dedication to refining user experience, driven by performance improvements and the integration of AI capabilities. As these changes are still in the testing phase, users and organizations can look forward to more detailed announcements and broader rollouts in the near future, signaling Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to innovation and user-centric design.


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