Home News Microsoft Successfully Integrates Copilot AI into Microsoft Launcher for Android

Microsoft Successfully Integrates Copilot AI into Microsoft Launcher for Android

Microsoft Successfully Integrates Copilot AI into Microsoft Launcher for Android

In a significant update, Microsoft has integrated its Copilot AI, also known as Bing Chat, into the Microsoft Launcher for Android smartphones. This move marks an expansion of Bing Chat’s capabilities, previously limited to the Edge browser and SwiftKey keyboard, now directly into the Android home screen experience.

The Integration

Microsoft Launcher, known for enhancing productivity and providing a seamless interface between Windows PCs and Android devices, has incorporated Bing Chat into its latest update. This integration allows users to initiate Bing Chat directly from the Launcher’s search bar, enhancing accessibility and functionality.

The updated Launcher features a Bing Chat icon in the search bar. By tapping this icon, users can access the familiar Bing Chat interface, enabling both text and voice interactions. This feature is available to users without needing to download a separate Bing app, making it a convenient addition to the existing functionalities of Microsoft Launcher.

Features and Functionality

  1. Home Screen Integration: The Bing Chat icon is prominently placed in the Launcher’s search bar, allowing quick access to the chat interface. Users can start conversations with Bing Chat by either typing or using voice commands, with the AI providing spoken responses.
  2. Enhanced User Interaction: The inclusion of Bing Chat in the Launcher’s home screen makes information access more interactive. Users can ask questions, get summaries, and perform tasks directly through Bing Chat without leaving their home screen.
  3. Customization and Productivity Tools: Microsoft Launcher continues to offer its robust customization options, including personalized feeds with calendar events, to-do lists, and notes. The addition of Bing Chat further augments these features, providing an AI-powered assistant to help manage tasks and retrieve information.
  4. Continue on Phone Feature: One of the notable functionalities is the “Continue on Phone” feature, which allows users to transition seamlessly from desktop to mobile. Conversations started on a Windows PC can be continued on an Android phone, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.
  5. Voice and Text Interaction: The integration supports both text and voice inputs, making it versatile for different user preferences. Users can also choose the conversation style, whether creative, balanced, or precise, enhancing the interaction based on their needs.


Currently, the Bing Chat feature is in beta testing and available to users who sign up for the Microsoft Launcher Beta program. The wider rollout is expected in the coming weeks, bringing this functionality to a larger audience. Users can expect the integration to be available on all devices running Microsoft Launcher, including Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

Microsoft’s integration of Copilot AI into its Launcher for Android smartphones represents a significant step in making AI more accessible and integrated into everyday tasks. This update not only enhances the functionality of Microsoft Launcher but also provides users with a powerful tool to manage their digital lives more efficiently.


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