Redmond – Microsoft Corp. [NASDQ: MSFT] plans to run a Billion devices on Windows 10 within two to three years of its release. Microsoft has announced this in their annual developer’s conference Build in San Francisco USA. Microsoft’s theme for this conference is to converge the mobile and PC and present same experience of Windows 10 across devices and apps.

Microsoft is planning to make this happen by providing ease to developers without need for new development from scratch. Microsoft is releasing a new tool Continuum, which can port applications running on iOS and Android directly to Windows Store. This would add more apps to the Windows environment directly and would appeal to the developers and users alike. Microsoft is also building tools to bring Win 32 and .NET apps on to Windows 10 platform as well.

Microsoft is planning to release Windows 10 as a common OS across devices. This would mean that the same build of Windows 10 can run on a PC, Phone as well as Xbox. Microsoft’s Vice President for OS development Terry Menson is hopeful that Windows 10 would be the most successful version of Windows to date. He envisions a large number of Windows 7 users migrating to Windows 10.

Another key feature of Windows 10 is going to be the new browser which is now termed as Windows Edge. Windows Edge wouldn’t be a replacement of Internet Explorer but it would be another more secure browser running in parallel. It may be possible that Microsoft may decide to ditch Internet Explorer altogether in the final release of Windows 10.

Microsoft has also released a new stable build 10074 which can be downloaded from Windows Insider website. The build is a much stable release over the previous released build. This is a testing build and should not be used in the production system. Microsoft is promising a release this summer but it has been keeping a tight lid on the exact date of release of Windows 10.