Home News Microsoft Partners with Khan Academy to Offer Free AI Teaching Assistant Khanmigo

Microsoft Partners with Khan Academy to Offer Free AI Teaching Assistant Khanmigo

Microsoft Partners with Khan Academy to Offer Free AI Teaching Assistant Khanmigo

In a significant move to enhance educational resources, Microsoft has teamed up with Khan Academy to provide free access to Khanmigo, an AI-powered teaching assistant designed to support teachers and students alike.

What is Khanmigo?

Khanmigo is an advanced AI assistant developed by Khan Academy, a leading nonprofit educational organization. This tool leverages GPT-4, the latest language model from OpenAI, to offer personalized tutoring and teaching assistance. Unlike other AI tools, Khanmigo is specifically tailored for educational purposes, aiming to provide engaging and effective learning experiences while ensuring safety and ethical use​​.

Features of Khanmigo

Khanmigo is equipped with various functionalities that make it a valuable resource for both teachers and students:

  1. Lesson Planning: Teachers can use Khanmigo to create standards-aligned lesson plans quickly. The AI generates lesson hooks, rubrics, and even exit tickets to streamline the preparation process​​.
  2. Student Support: The AI can identify students struggling with specific skills and suggest tailored activities to help them improve. It also provides on-demand summaries of student progress, helping teachers to quickly assess and support their students’ needs​.
  3. Interactive Learning: For students, Khanmigo offers personalized tutoring across a wide range of subjects, including math, science, coding, and humanities. It helps students understand concepts deeply by prompting them with questions and guiding them to find answers themselves​.

Free Access for Teachers

Thanks to Microsoft’s support, Khan Academy is now able to offer Khanmigo for free to teachers in the United States. This initiative aims to alleviate the burden on educators by providing them with a powerful tool to enhance their teaching efficiency and effectiveness​​.

How to Access Khanmigo

Currently, Khanmigo is available for individual teachers and through school or district implementations. Parents can also subscribe to Khanmigo for their children, ensuring they receive the support they need outside of the classroom. The AI assistant is accessible via a subscription model for parents and learners, but teachers can sign up for free thanks to the partnership with Microsoft​.

Khan Academy’s partnership with Microsoft represents a step forward in integrating AI into education responsibly. By providing free access to Khanmigo, they aim to democratize education and ensure that high-quality, personalized learning support is available to more students and teachers across the country​​.



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