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Microsoft Intensifies Windows 11 Upgrade Efforts with Persistent Popups

Microsoft has escalated its campaign to encourage Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11, employing full-screen ads and persistent popups that have stirred discussions among the tech community. This aggressive strategy aims to transition users to the newer operating system ahead of the Windows 10 end-of-life schedule.

Key Highlights:

  • Microsoft is displaying full-screen popups to promote Windows 11 upgrades for Windows 10 users.
  • The campaign has been described as more aggressive, coinciding with the upcoming end-of-life for Windows 10 21H2.
  • Users face intrusive advertisements upon startup, showcasing Windows 11’s features, including enhanced security and improved performance.
  • Microsoft reassures that Windows 10 users can upgrade to Windows 11 for free at any time through the Windows Update page.
  • Ads promoting Microsoft 365 services also appear on Windows 10 devices, emphasizing productivity and security benefits.

Windows 11


Microsoft has revived its efforts to persuade Windows 10 users to switch to Windows 11 with a series of intrusive popups and full-screen advertisements. These actions come as part of a broader campaign to ensure users migrate to the latest operating system, leveraging the impending end-of-support for certain versions of Windows 10.

Aggressive Upgrade Tactics

The recent push includes full-screen ads that appear upon startup, offering a free upgrade to Windows 11. These advertisements emphasize the benefits of the new OS, such as a user-friendly interface, enhanced security, superior performance, and a revamped gaming experience. Despite the option to remain on Windows 10, Microsoft’s messaging suggests an urgency to upgrade.

User Response and Options

The response from the user community has been mixed, with some appreciating the reminder and others finding the tactics overly intrusive. Microsoft has included a “Keep Windows 10” option, but the persistent nature of these ads indicates a strong push towards adoption of Windows 11.

Additional Advertisements

Beyond the OS upgrade prompts, Microsoft is also showcasing ads for its Microsoft 365 services on Windows 10, highlighting additional benefits such as Windows Hello, phone-PC linking, Edge browser optimization, and cloud storage options. This suggests a dual strategy of promoting Windows 11 while also encouraging engagement with other Microsoft products and services.


Microsoft’s aggressive campaign to upgrade Windows 10 users to Windows 11 reflects a strategic move to consolidate its user base on the latest platform. While some may view these tactics as pushy, the benefits of upgrading, including improved security and performance, are clear incentives. As the end-of-life date for Windows 10 approaches, users are encouraged to consider the transition to stay up-to-date with Microsoft’s ecosystem.