Microsoft Garage announced three new applications meant to enhance SMB’s businesses processes on a mobile phone. The new apps called: Sprightly, Connections and Kaizala are currently made available for Android platforms, and the business productivity apps will make their way to iOS devices soon.

Microsoft Garage is an initiative that lets its employees turn ideas into reality. The initiative develops innovative apps that enhance business productivity on-the-go. Each of them provides targeted solutions for different functions, all from the palm of your hand.

Sprightly lets you create professional looking digital content on mobile be it a pricelist, your product catalogue, service list, promotional material or an e-card. The app allows you to design your content with a selection of different collage types, lets you save them as a PDF or share it through your mail as well as allows you to post it directly on social media networks like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Connections is an app that lets you populate, group and streamline your contacts in order to have better control over business communication. The app allows you to take notes about a contact whilst a call, add images from the phone’s gallery where you need graphical representation as well as set a reminder for a scheduled call-back to a business contact.

You can also tag contacts to form groups making it easy to pick the right categories when sending out broadcast messages and other group-intended promotional material. Custom SMS templates allow for easy sharing of generic information through the click of a button.

Kaizala lets you create, lead and manage team activities on-the-go. From chatting to workgroups or individual members, providing GPS based location updates with photographs and assigning tasks where you can track the progress of a job, Kaizala manages team activities from the start to the very end. It also allows you to create and share bills for easy billing on-the-go.