Microsoft and Boeing join hands to streamline digital aviation

A new partnership between Microsoft and Boeing comes bearing exciting news for the AI enthusiasts. Cortana is on course to fly the friendly skies. Microsoft and Boeing have announced this partnership today.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, Boeing’s digital aviation can now be centralized on Azure and allow it to analyze large sets of data from numerous sources. Cortana’s Intelligence Suite can help airline operators manage inventory more effectively, schedule pilots and cabin crews more efficiently, and proactively schedule maintenance that might otherwise delay a flight based on the data intelligence that they gather from the cloud.

The companies said that this partnership is not about Cortana flying a Boeing, it is a project that will help them analyze data from huge information bases that are processed through Boeing’s system. This is meant to eliminate time and processes that waste time and effort due to frequent repetitions.

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It will be more like a smart scheduler that knows everything from schedules to staff availability. This, on one hand, increases efficiency but on the other, it also raises questions of security. There arises a question of systems getting hacked and information being leaked.

No statement has been made on this bit, but an AI that detects such threats and handles it or notifies immediately could be a solution, far-fetched be it. The plan is in its initial stage, and there is no saying what adaptations will the duo make to combat such issues.

Microsoft has announced that they will share more information about their work with Boeing by the end of this year. This bit of news is bound to excite the tech-world. Cortana flying an aircraft may be a far-fetched thing but, one can only hope!

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