MGCOOL released its first ever Bluetooth earphones called Wave. These earphones are designed to provide high-quality audio with Bluetooth 4.2 EDR technology. The best feature of these earphones is its high-quality stereo sound enabled with ARP-X lossless audio technology. This technology minimize the loss while transmitting audio from the source to earphones via Bluetooth.

You can experience CD like audio quality using the ATP-X technology because it produces full audio bendwidth and providing pure music in its original form. The low audio coding delay helps reducing syncing problems. The unique structure of MGCOOL Wave earphones helps in maximizing the sound experience and boost the clarity of both music and calls.

THe chamber design and interior structure provides the best poerformance of high definition stereo sound. The CVC6.0 noise reduction technology is a bonus feature in MGCOOL Wave. This feature from Qualcomm helps to reduce the background noise and deliver crisp and clear audio with chaos.

Finally the combination of this advanced ausio tech along with the design and CVC technology gives you great performance and quality of both treble and bass tones. For all the music lovers, MGCOOL Wave could be the best solution to provide the purest form of music to ears. You can learn more about MGCOOL Wave on the official website here.