Meet Nura: The first-ever headphone that adapts to your hearing

Popular for “kickstarting” numerous successful startups like Pebble Technologies and coolest cooler, Kickstarter has fast gained massive popularity around the world. Each week we bring to you one unique project, be it from Kickstarter or elsewhere, that deserves some laud. This time, we pick one of the best so far from this platform.

This time, it is a treat for the audio module lovers. Music accessory lovers are familiar with the terms ‘in-ear’ and ‘on-ear’. Both these kinds of modules have their own benefits, but imagine having them both in one device.

A new undertaking called ‘Nura’ posted on Kickstarter has both. Intrigued much? Wait till you find out what it can do. Everyone’s ear has a different signature or a fingerprint (the aural fingerprint), and as a result, the same earphone/headphone sounds differently to different people. Hence the difference in opinion over various high-priced products like Beats (I’m not much of a fan).

What’s so special about Nura headphone?

What this module can do is identify the users’ unique signature every time they put it on and adjust the different segments in the detailed equalizer accordingly. Customised hearing without having to answer any questions. It comes with a companion app that gives the exact aural fingerprint for every user.

The device uses otoacoustic emission to learn how the users hear different sounds. Otoacoustic emission is a type of wave or echo produced by the ear when it hears a sound. It is unique for every person and every sound. These wireless headphones learn and adapt to the user within 30 seconds.

The Model inside-out

The comfortable over-ear cup contains the first driver that plays the deep bass. Usually, this feature tampers with the high-pitch tones and either makes it scratch or mellows it down, but the driver adjusts not only according to the sound but also agrees with the hearing sense.

The in-ear bud consists of the second driver is almost protected by the primary one and the cushion. The part that protrudes out goes into the ear. Ear modules have never been more a part of the ears than now. The secondary driver controls the high notes, to create an unparalleled clear sound.

The ear-bud and the ear-cup combine to create the highest level of noise cancellation. The seven kingdoms may fall all at once and you wouldn’t know if you were hooked on to this magnificent looking modules.

The Nura has earned close to a million and quarter so far (their target was $100,000), with a few more days to go on Kickstarter, and become latest sensation being funded on the platform. This device may set one back about Rs. 13,500 (early bird price: saves 50 percent), but it looks like it is totally worth it.

Check the teaser video below:

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