Meet Mirokai: The Anime-Inspired Logistics Robot Revolutionizing Hospital Assistance


The world of robotics is on the brink of an exciting new era with the introduction of Mirokai, an anime-inspired logistics robot, poised to transform the healthcare sector. Developed by French robotics company Enchanted Tools, Mirokai combines technological innovation with an imaginative design, making it a standout creation in the field of social logistics robots.

Key Highlights

  • Designed for Hospitals and Beyond: Mirokai is set to be first tested in hospitals in Paris, with potential future applications in various environments like airports, trade shows, hotels, and restaurants.
  • Unique Gripping Ability: Mirokai’s hands are engineered for efficient gripping of special handles attached to objects, ensuring a high success rate in handling items.
  • User-Friendly Interaction: The robot can understand and execute voice commands, making it accessible for untrained users.
  • Efficient Mobility: Mirokai’s movement is facilitated by a rolling ball, offering agile navigation in social settings.
  • A Blend of Technology and Magic: Enchanted Tools aims to showcase a new vision of robotics that goes beyond utility to include elements of magic and storytelling.


The Evolution of Mirokai: A Technological Marvel

Mirokai’s development represents a significant leap in robotics. The robot was designed to meet three key challenges: automated navigation in varied spaces, effective object gripping, and meaningful interaction with users. Unlike its predecessors, Pepper and Nao, Mirokai is envisioned to be not just accepted by humans but to become an integral part of daily life due to its practical utility.

The Future of Mirokai: Expanding Horizons

Enchanted Tools envisions Mirokai operating in diverse settings beyond hospitals. With its ability to carry loads up to 3 kg, Mirokai can significantly ease the workload in hospitality, transit, and leisure venues. The robot can perform tasks like delivering breakfast trays in hospitals or assisting in other logistics-related activities, all controlled through simple voice commands.

Technical Innovations Behind Mirokai

The creation of Mirokai was a challenging task met by a team of 50 engineers at Enchanted Tools, led by Jérôme Monceaux. The project required innovative design solutions and efficient motor selection to ensure the robot’s functionality and user-friendliness. Partnering with maxon, a leader in motor and drive systems, Enchanted Tools successfully developed a robot that balances technical performance with cost-effectiveness.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Enchanted Tools has ambitious plans for Mirokai .The company aims to have 100,000 Mirokai robots in operation within the next decade, with each unit priced at approximately €30,000. This ambitious target reflects the company’s commitment to integrating Mirokai seamlessly into everyday life, fulfilling a vision where robots are not just tools but entities that add a magical touch to human environments.

The Human-Robot Interaction: A Step Forward

Mirokai’s design prioritizes human interaction, ensuring that the robot can seamlessly blend into social environments. Its face, animated on a screen, offers a friendly appearance that breaks new ground in humanoid robot design. This focus on emotional and semantic interactions marks a significant advancement in how robots can engage with untrained users, making Mirokai not just a functional tool but also a companionable presence in various settings.

A Partnership with Hospitals

Enchanted Tools has already established a partnership with the AP-HP Broca hospital in Paris, specializing in geriatric medicine. This collaboration underscores the potential of Mirokai in enhancing healthcare services, particularly in areas where staff recruitment is challenging and where human-centric services are crucial.

Mirokai stands as a testament to the incredible potential of robotics in enhancing daily life. By merging technological prowess with a creative, user-friendly design, Enchanted Tools is setting a new standard in the field of social logistics robots. As Mirokai prepares to make its debut in Parisian hospitals and beyond, it represents not just a leap in robotics technology but also a new chapter in the human-robot relationship.

Enchanted Tools envisions a future where Mirokai robots are commonplace, contributing to various sectors with their unique blend of utility and charm. This anime-inspired logistics robot is more than a technological marvel; it’s a symbol of the magic that innovation can bring to everyday life.


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