Home News MAXHUB launches XT series: Optimizing alliance with Microsoft Teams

MAXHUB launches XT series: Optimizing alliance with Microsoft Teams

MAXHUB launches XT series: Optimizing alliance with Microsoft Teams

MAXHUB, a pioneer in synergic technology solutions, delightfully proclaims the launch of its revolutionary XT series, specially curated to enhance the performance of Microsoft Teams for organizations across the globe.

The MAXHUB XT series is a groundbreaking development in optimizing the functioning of Microsoft Teams, a leading digital platform for business teams to communicate and collaborate. As hybrid and remote work culture continues to co-exist, it has become utmost vital to support a seamless virtual communication solution. By facilitating an integrated and modern approach to teamwork and connectivity, the XT Series directly addresses such needs.

Key attributes to look forward to of the MAXHUB XT Series comprise the following:

– A transformative style promoting smart meeting spaces: The MAXHUB XCore Kit provides a cutting-edge ambience with improved native audio and video experiences, while being cost efficient.

– A one-stop empowering solution to multiple scenarios: The XT Series applies compelling, high-performance kits that, in addition to maximizing the quality impact of audio and video, also provides an array of display options to choose from. At each stage, the costs associated with procuring, installing, and utilizing resources for post-maintenance are balanced.

– A multi-varied environment that prioritizes focus: The XT Series is home to preeminent technical and professional expertise carefully crafted to maximize the benefits of meeting experience. The ecosystem encompasses distinct audio tools, audiovisual integration devices, and several expansion instruments. Ensuring stability, affinity and synchronization throughout MAXHUB’s products is the key to streamlined processes and efficient setups of meeting rooms.

– A flexible fix for a coherent user experience: A highly promising and fine quality speakerphone UC BM35 and USB camera UC W31 are part of the foundation laid by the extraordinary XCore Kit. It caters to the diverse audio and video requirements of participants. Additionally, the XT Series’ trailblazing technology provides intuitive touchscreen controls and enhanced user-interface. Also, the content-sharing is effortless and the navigation is user-friendly.

“Our commitment to revolutionizing collaborative user experiences is epitomized by the XT Series.” said Pankaj Jha, Sales Director at MAXHUB. “Through a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, we are certifying users across the world to experience a powerful, unmatched tool that bridges the gap between teams, irrespective of their geographic location.”