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Made in India iPhone 12 set to be a reality soon

Apple iPhone fans in India will soon be able to buy the latest iPhone 12 that has been made in the country. This is as per a report that is claiming that up to 10 percent of iPhone 12 production is going to be shifted to India from China.

According to the report, Foxconn will be assembling the Phone 12 at its plant in Tamil Nadu. However, there seems some ambiguity when it comes to the production of the iPhone 12 Mini. As it is, the smallest and cheapest member of the iPhone 12 family never had a smooth run at the market since its launch and demand has largely been on the slower side. Maybe that’s the reason Apple is having second thoughts about assembling the model here when there have been talks about scrapping it altogether.

Pegatron too is known to be preparing to produce the iPhone 12 in the country, something that is set to begin later this year itself. Foxconn at the moment is currently engaged in producing iPhone 11 and iPhone XR models. Apple is known to have partnered with Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron to manufacture its products in India as part of the Indian Government’s Production Linked Incentive scheme.

All of this comes on the back of another report that claims Apple could be working towards producing the iPad in India as well. However, more on that front is still awaited. There has been a gradual but steady exodus of companies to shift their production bases to locations outside of China. Among the new emerging manufacturing bases that have come up include Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.

Companies have chosen to diversify their manufacturing bases outside of China following the outbreak of Covid-19. The US-China trade war too has been another factor that led to the mass exodus of companies outside of China. Other political and alleged human rights issues too have played a part in this as almost all of the world’s manufacturing taking place in China provides it with greater leveraging power on other domestic and international issues as well.