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MacBook Pro 2016 beyond 16GB RAM will have adverse effects in performance

MacBook Pro 2016, recently released by Apple has a maximum of 16GB RAM for enhanced battery life. Responding to a query emailed by a user, Phil Schiller of Apple revealed that an increase in RAM size beyond 16GB would adversely affect battery life. Moreover, it will cause overall inefficiency to the system.

Schiller also thanked the person who emailed the query and also stated that it was a good question. In MacBook Pro 2016, you have access to a maximum of 16GB RAM. You will not be able to add more RAM.

MacBook Pro 2016 with more than 16GB RAM requires fine tuning

According to Schiller, putting more than 16GB of RAM into MacBook Pro 2016 would require a memory system, which can consume more power. Hence, it will not be ideal for a notebook system. It is also not technically feasible to integrate more than 16GB RAM due to space constraints.

He advised the user to check out the new generation MacBook Pro since it is really an incredible system. He also mentioned about the performance-energy ratio.

If you look at the MacBook range, none of them offer a 32GB model. The recently released 27-inch iMac provides support for 32GB RAM upgrade option on the premium side.

Even though 16GB is sufficient for normal users, professional photo and video editors including heavy users will probably miss the integration of 32GB RAM. This is because rendering of intensive tasks such as 4K video encoding requires more RAM.

MacBook Pro 2016 features

The recently released MacBook Pro 2016 includes significant enhancements such as faster Skylake processors and SSDs, innovative Touch Bar, new thermal ecosystem. Moreover, the laptop is designed in thinner form structure for ultimate portability.

Although Apple announced that all the models of the MacBook Pro will be made available in India, we don’t have any exact information about the availability. The new MacBook Pro will be suitable for professionals who prefer to do more with laptops.

Regarding pricing, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is priced at Rs. 129900 and the model with Touch bar and Touch ID will cost Rs. 155900. If you want to experience a 15-inch model, you will have to shell out Rs. 205900.