LinkedIn Jumps on the TikTok Bandwagon with a New Vertical Video Feed

LinkedIn Jumps on the TikTok Bandwagon with a New Vertical Video Feed
LinkedIn is testing a TikTok-like vertical video feed focused on career and professional content, aiming to enhance user engagement and offer a new platform for creators

In an era where short-form video content is king, LinkedIn has decided not to be left behind. The professional networking giant, owned by Microsoft, is currently testing a TikTok-like video feed feature aimed at enhancing user engagement through career-focused videos. This innovative move was first noticed by Austin Null, a strategy director at McKinney, who shared a demo of the feature on LinkedIn itself.

Upon tapping a newly introduced “Video” tab within the app’s navigation bar, users will be greeted with a vertical feed of short videos that they can interact with by liking, commenting, or sharing. This format is quite familiar to users of other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Netflix, which have all adopted similar features following TikTok’s explosive growth.

However, what sets LinkedIn’s video feed apart is its focus on professional and career-oriented content. This aligns with the platform’s overall objective of fostering a space for professional development and networking. Videos have become an increasingly preferred format among LinkedIn’s user base for learning and gaining insights from professionals and experts in various fields.

Currently, in its early testing phase, the feature is not widely available to all LinkedIn users. It represents a potential new avenue for creators who have gained significant followings on TikTok by sharing advice and experiences related to career growth, job searches, and professional development. LinkedIn’s venture into short-form video content could provide these creators with a fresh platform to share their video content, possibly reaching a broader audience. There is also speculation about future monetization of the feed, which could attract more creators to the platform.

Despite the potential benefits, the introduction of yet another short-form video feed into the app ecosystem may not be welcomed by all users. Some might feel overwhelmed by the proliferation of this format across various platforms. Nonetheless, LinkedIn’s focus on professional content could offer a unique value proposition that distinguishes its video feed from the rest.

This development underscores LinkedIn’s commitment to evolving with the digital landscape, recognizing the shift towards more dynamic and engaging content formats. It remains to be seen how this feature will be received by the platform’s user base and how it will impact the way professionals share and consume content on LinkedIn.


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