LG Elevates Home Cinema with Immersive Audio Innovation: A First Look at the SG10TY and S95TR Soundbars

20211221164642 LG S95QR 2022 Soundbar Product TWeb

 CES 2024 witnessed LG Electronics unveiling its latest soundbar lineup, aiming to transform living rooms into cinematic havens. Among the offerings, the SG10TY and S95TR soundbars stood out, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and seamless integration with LG’s premium OLED TVs.

Key Highlights:

  • SG10TY: Designed for perfect synergy with LG OLED TVs, featuring wireless Dolby Atmos, sleek aesthetics, and dedicated music streaming capabilities.
  • S95TR: Boasts a powerful 15-channel system with industry-first triple up-firing drivers and lossless Dolby Atmos wireless connectivity for an unparalleled surround sound experience.
  • WOW Suite: Both soundbars integrate LG’s WOW Suite, featuring WOWCAST for wireless Dolby Atmos, WOW Orchestra for room-filling audio, and WOW interface for intuitive control.
  • Seamless LG Ecosystem Integration: Designed to complement LG OLED TVs, the soundbars offer convenient features like AI Room Calibration and flush-wall mounting options.

20211221164642 LG S95QR 2022 Soundbar Product TWeb

SG10TY: Harmony in Design and Performance

The SG10TY soundbar seamlessly blends with LG’s breathtaking OLED TVs, matching their width and frame colors. Its 3.1-channel configuration delivers crisp audio, while optional rear speakers expand the soundstage to a thrilling 5.1 setup. Wireless Dolby Atmos elevates movie nights with immersive, overhead sound, further enhanced by LG’s WOW Orchestra technology that virtualizes additional channels for a wider soundscape.

Music lovers will rejoice in the SG10TY’s built-in Wi-Fi and dedicated music streaming apps like Spotify and Tidal. LG’s seamless ecosystem integration eliminates cable clutter, with all audio transmitted wirelessly from the TV to the soundbar.

S95TR: Uncompromising Power and Audio Fidelity

The S95TR, LG’s flagship soundbar, pushes the boundaries of home cinema audio. Its 15-channel, 810W system delivers room-shaking power, while the industry-first triple up-firing drivers, including a center up-firing speaker, create a truly enveloping Dolby Atmos experience. Dialogue clarity is enhanced, with voices seemingly emanating directly from the screen.

Lossless Dolby Atmos wireless connectivity ensures uncompressed audio transmission, preserving every detail of the soundtrack. Improved tweeters guarantee crystal-clear highs, while a passive radiator adds depth and richness to the bass. The S95TR’s sophisticated design complements LG’s OLED TVs, with a matte finish minimizing reflections and maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

WOW Suite: Simplifying Immersive Audio Control

Both soundbars feature LG’s intuitive WOW Suite, simplifying audio control and enhancing the listening experience. WOWCAST technology enables lossless Dolby Atmos wireless transmission from LG TVs, eliminating messy cables and preserving audio fidelity. WOW Orchestra virtualizes additional channels for a wider, more immersive soundscape. Finally, the WOW interface provides a user-friendly platform to manage soundbar settings and seamlessly share sound modes with the TV.

LG’s soundbars at CES 2024 demonstrate the company’s commitment to crafting innovative audio solutions that redefine home entertainment. The SG10TY and S95TR, with their sleek designs, cutting-edge features, and seamless integration with LG OLED TVs, promise to elevate movie nights and music listening experiences to new heights.


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