LEGO Fortnite Introduces Driveable and Buildable Vehicles

LEGO Fortnite Introduces Driveable and Buildable Vehicles
Explore how LEGO Fortnite's latest update allows players to build and drive their own vehicles, from fast cars to soaring aircraft, enhancing gameplay with creativity and strategy.

In a fresh twist that bridges the gap between virtual gaming and physical play, LEGO Fortnite now allows players to dive into the construction and utilization of vehicles. This update not only expands the game’s universe but also enhances the interactive experience by blending the creativity of LEGO building with Fortnite’s dynamic gameplay.

Key Highlights:

  • LEGO Fortnite offers a detailed system for building vehicles, from cars and boats to aircraft, using in-game resources.
  • The building process emphasizes creativity, functionality, and aesthetics, mirroring the vibrant and diverse designs seen in Fortnite.
  • Vehicles such as the Stormwing Fighter, Quadcrasher, and Hoverboard are fan favorites, each providing unique advantages for navigating Fortnite’s terrain.
  • The construction of vehicles involves using the Dynamic Foundation feature, customizing with tools from the Toys menu, and ensuring functionality with activation switches for propulsion.
  • Vehicles are not just for show; they play strategic roles in gameplay, offering speed, combat capabilities, and even stealth with color-coded designs for camouflage or team identification.

Creating Your Fortnite Vehicles:

To start building, players must first select a flat area and access the Build menu to choose the Dynamic Foundation. From here, the creative process involves arranging components like wheels for cars or thrusters and balloons for boats and aircraft, respectively. Each vehicle type—from ground cars to floating aircraft—has a specific set of instructions to ensure they move and function within the game’s physics​​.

For instance, cars require a balance of design and practicality, with thrusters positioned for propulsion and activation switches for operation. Boats, on the other hand, rely on thrusters for movement and balloons for stability. Aircraft are the most intricate, using balloons to ascend and thrusters for directional control. Each mode of transportation offers different strategic advantages, from the quick ground coverage of cars and boats to the aerial perspectives of aircraft.

Expanding the LEGO Fortnite Experience

LEGO Fortnite, the build-and-battle mode within the popular Fortnite game, has consistently expanded its creative sandbox features. The “Mechanical Mayhem” update brings a significant new element to the mix with the introduction of vehicles. Players can now explore the map in novel ways, using these creations for transportation and tactical advantage.

Vehicle Types

Three distinct vehicle blueprints offer different benefits:

  • Speeder: This single-seat vehicle prioritizes speed and agility.
  • Offroader: A versatile four-seater great for traversing varied terrain.
  • Hauler: This robust vehicle offers ample space for cargo or additional passengers.

Customization and Power

Beyond the basic blueprints, LEGO Fortnite ramps up the customization. Using new vehicle parts found throughout the world, players can modify their vehicles to suit their needs and style. Crucially, power for these vehicles comes from Power Cells. These cells are crafted using biomass, generated through an all-new composting system that emphasizes eco-friendly gameplay.

Vehicle Design and Customization:

Building a LEGO Fortnite vehicle goes beyond mere construction; it involves strategic design and customization. Vehicles must have a strong foundation for durability, with special attention to symmetry and functionality. Creative elements like color schemes, special pieces for unique features, and modularity for easy repairs during gameplay are crucial. These aspects ensure vehicles are not only effective in-game but also visually appealing, reflecting the vibrant essence of both LEGO and Fortnite​.

LEGO Fortnite’s addition of drivable and buildable vehicles brings a new layer of engagement to the game, encouraging players to blend creativity with strategic gameplay. Whether racing across the island, engaging in combat, or soaring through the skies, these vehicles enhance the immersive experience of LEGO Fortnite, making it a continuously evolving playground for gamers and builders alike.

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