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Lego Fortnite: A Brickventure with Soulslike Bite

Lego Fortnite, the recently announced collaboration between Epic Games and the Lego Group, has surprised fans with its unique take on the popular battle royale genre. While still retaining the core building and exploration elements classic to Lego games, it also takes surprising inspiration from Soulslike gameplay, offering a deeper and more challenging combat experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Soulslike Combat: Dodge-based combat system reminiscent of Dark Souls and other Soulslike games.
  • Increased Difficulty: Enemies pose a greater threat, requiring more strategic combat and careful planning.
  • Open World Exploration: Explore a vast and vibrant Lego world, collecting resources and completing quests.
  • Building and Creation: Build structures, tools, and weapons to aid in your adventure.
  • Character Customization: Customize your Lego character with a variety of clothing and accessories.

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A Bold Departure for Lego Games

Lego games have traditionally been known for their family-friendly nature and accessible gameplay. However, Lego Fortnite takes a bold step in incorporating elements from the notoriously difficult Soulslike genre. This decision has sparked both excitement and curiosity among fans, eager to see how these contrasting styles will blend together.

Soulslike Inspiration

The Soulslike influence is most evident in the game’s combat system. Players will find themselves relying on dodging and timed attacks to overcome enemies, similar to titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Additionally, enemies will be more aggressive and pose a greater threat, requiring players to think strategically and utilize resources effectively.

Open-World Adventure

Beyond the Soulslike combat, Lego Fortnite offers a sprawling open world to explore. Players will be able to build structures, collect resources, and complete various quests, all while encountering a variety of enemies and challenges. This open-world exploration adds a layer of depth and replayability to the game, encouraging players to experiment and forge their own path.

Building and Customization

Classic Lego building mechanics remain at the core of the experience. Players can use the world’s resources to create tools, weapons, and even structures to aid them in their adventure. This element provides a unique creative outlet, allowing players to personalize their experience and approach challenges in their own way.

Character Customization

Further enhancing player expression, Lego Fortnite offers a robust character customization system. Players can unlock and equip a variety of clothing and accessories, allowing them to personalize their Lego avatar and express their individual style.

A Promising Collaboration

The combination of Lego’s playful creativity and the Soulslike genre’s challenging gameplay creates a unique and intriguing proposition. While some fans might be apprehensive about the increased difficulty, it offers a refreshing departure for the Lego franchise, appealing to a wider audience and potentially attracting veteran Soulslike players. As more details emerge, the true potential of Lego Fortnite becomes increasingly clear. This unexpected collaboration could very well redefine what players expect from both Lego games and the Soulslike genre.