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Leaked Docs Reveal: Sony Fears Microsoft’s Leap Frog After Activision Blizzard Buyout

Internal Sony documents, leaked amidst the recent data breach at Insomniac Games, offer a glimpse into the console giant’s apprehension regarding Microsoft’s gaming landscape post-Activision Blizzard acquisition. Titled “The Activision Blizzard Acquisition: Leapfrogging Our Current Pillars,” the document expresses significant concern about Microsoft’s potential to surpass Sony’s market position.

Key Highlights:

  • Leaked Sony documents detail concerns about Microsoft’s post-Activision Blizzard strategy.
  • “Leapfrogging” fears focus on Call of Duty and Game Pass subscriptions.
  • Concerns extend to mobile market and Microsoft’s unified platform approach.
  • Sony questions sustainability of Microsoft’s “free” games model.

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Call of Duty: Potential “Massive Threat” to PlayStation Plus

One of the primary anxieties articulated in the leak revolves around Call of Duty, a franchise central to both Sony and Microsoft’s ecosystems. While Microsoft pledged to keep Call of Duty multi-platform until 2027, Sony expresses fear that exclusivity post-2027 could be “a massive threat” to PlayStation Plus subscriber growth, potentially jeopardizing $1.5 billion in annual revenue.

Unified Platform vs. PlayStation’s Focus

The Sony document also sheds light on concerns surrounding Microsoft‘s cross-platform strategy, encompassing consoles, PC, and mobile. The document casts doubt on the feasibility of “a unified console, PC, and mobile experience,” citing the inherent differences in form factor and processing power across platforms. This contrasts with Sony’s current focus on console-centric experiences, bolstered by strong first-party exclusives.

Mobile Market Concerns and “Unsustainable” Free Games Model

Furthermore, the leaked document reveals Sony’s apprehension about Microsoft’s foray into the mobile market, potentially challenging Apple and Google’s app store dominance. Additionally, the document expresses skepticism towards Microsoft’s “free” games model, suggesting that subscription revenue alone might not be sufficient to cover development costs in the long run, and questioning its sustainability.

Sony Looks Forward, Reassessing Strategies

While the leaked documents paint a picture of unease at Sony, they also suggest a proactive approach. The document concludes by highlighting the need for Sony to “adapt and evolve” its strategies, focusing on areas such as live services, cloud gaming, and potentially venturing into the mobile market itself.

Sony’s internal documents expose a complex web of anxieties regarding Microsoft’s post-Activision Blizzard landscape. Fears of Call of Duty exclusivity, cross-platform competition, and an unsustainable “free” games model are prominent among these concerns. However, the leak also indicates Sony’s commitment to adapt and evolve, potentially shaping the future of the gaming industry through its own strategic maneuvers.