Latest on iOS 17.5 Beta, New iPads, and More Latest on iOS 17.5 Beta, New iPads, and More

Latest on iOS 17.5 Beta, New iPads, and More

Explore the latest updates on iOS 17.5 Beta with new app distribution methods, design changes, and more. Plus, get the scoop on the anticipated new iPads.

Apple has rolled out the first beta of iOS 17.5 to developers, bringing a suite of minor but notable updates and laying the groundwork for future enhancements. This update focuses on refining the user experience and addressing regulatory requirements, especially in the European Union. Simultaneously, anticipation grows for new iPad models, with rumors swirling about potential launch timelines.

Web Distribution for Apps: A significant update catering to the European Union market is the support for web distribution of apps. This allows developers to distribute their iOS apps directly from their websites, a move that aligns with the new “Web Distribution” feature announced by Apple. Developers will need to comply with Apple’s notarization guidelines and pay a Core Technology Fee for app installations exceeding one million in the past 12 months.

Design Tweaks: iOS 17.5 beta 1 sports several design modifications across the operating system. Notably, the Apple Books app features a redesigned “Reading Goal” icon, the Settings app introduces a new glyph for “Passkeys Access for Web Browsers,” and the Podcasts widget gets a dynamic color update based on currently playing podcast artwork.

Anti-Stalking Features for Accessories: In response to concerns over unwanted tracking, iOS 17.5 enhances the system’s capability to identify and disable non-Apple or non-Find My certified tracking accessories, indicating Apple’s ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy and security.

Updates for MDM Users: The update also includes improvements for Mobile Device Management (MDM) users, allowing MDM solutions to enforce beta versions during automated device enrollment.

While iOS updates continue to evolve, there’s growing interest in the release of new iPad models. The latest reports suggest that the launch of new iPad Pro and iPad Air models has been delayed, with the timeframe being pushed from March to April and now possibly even later. This has led to speculation about the reasons behind the delays, with supply chain issues being a likely factor.

As Apple navigates through regulatory requirements and adapts its ecosystem to meet new challenges, the updates to iOS and the anticipation surrounding new iPads highlight the company’s commitment to innovation and user privacy. With iOS 17.5 set to be the last major update before the unveiling of iOS 18, and with new iPad models on the horizon, Apple users have much to look forward to in the coming months​​.

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