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Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera System – A life saving car accessory

Undoubtedly, poor visibility is one of the main reasons for car accidents and casualties that occur almost every day. As a matter of fact, more than 38,000 car crashes happen each year, all because of poor driving visibility.

That said, driving at night requires double concentration on the road compared to the daytime. Same goes for filthy weather conditions, including fog, snow, and heavy rains.

While Automakers are busy improving headlights and collision sensors all the time, not everyone can afford to buy the latest safety tech. Fortunately, this is where the new Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera system comes into play.

The Lanmodo Night Vision system is mainly aimed at frequent night travelers. If you’re someone who tends to drive a lot at night, or in adverse weather conditions such as rain and fog, then it could be a lifesaver for you. The system is also useful for those having visibility issues like short-sightedness.

Lanmodo Vast Night Vision: Features on offer

The Lanmodo Night Vision Camera system looks quite compact and can be plugged into your car’s standard 12V power outlet. Furthermore, it’s easy to operate and can be manually fixed in almost all types of four-wheelers.

Talking of features, the Vast Pro bears a front camera that offers a visibility reach of 300M (984 feet). And is reasonably helpful for you to understand the road conditions well in advance and take the necessary actions.

The high 1080p resolution would give you a nice and clear picture on the large 8.2-inch color display mounted on the dash. Moreover, For the front view camera, it is 36° wide-angle vision, for the rearview camera, it is 170° wide-angle vision which is much better than the vehicle’s in-built system. The camera is also equipped with an active infrared functionality compared to the passive infrared on the traditional night vision systems.

For extra safety, you also get an option to choose a rear-view camera that provides high-quality 720p vision. Interestingly, both the cameras are rated IP67, making them waterproof in rains.

What we liked the most about Vast Pro is its built-in real-time recording feature that saves all the video footages to your drive. This comes handy, especially during insurance claims, as well as accidents. Besides, you can connect the system to your smartphone and share photos wirelessly.

Wrapping Up

Priced at $499, the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera gives you an extra pair of eyes while driving. Thus, you can have a more unobstructed view of what’s happening around you.

As mentioned above, one can also opt for the combo with a rearview camera that costs a bit extra at $599. If you’re someone who finds it tough driving during the night and bad weather conditions, then it’s definitely worth checking out.