Kingston Technology Company Inc launched The Cloud Revolver headphone on May 19, 2016. This new addition to the Cloud family will be made available at all leading Indian retail and e-tail stores soon, at a price of Rs. 11,999.

Though this is a gaming headphone that is most suitable for first person shooter and open environment games, it also promises a lot for the music lovers.

The 50 mm directional drivers and studio grade sound stage ensures sound precision. It will also allow a wider radius of audibility for FPS gamers.

This undoubtedly promises a competitive advantage for gamers.
Features like finely tuned driver, larger cups and exhaust vents, allow better voice clarity and a concert-like an experience. The signature red memory foam and the premium leather-like cover on the ear cups make it comfortable and usable for long hours.

The microphone is said to have a metallic suspension and noise cancellation also to allow “crisp, clean and clear” voice input. Its compatibility with multiple devices is just something that is ritualistic and mandatory for headphones these days, but it comes with DDR4/DDR3 memory, and SSD’s and USB Flash drive can allow just enough flirtation with sound technology.

The product seems to be target KTC’s sponsors’ (eSports) needs with the suitability to gamers.
Backed by a two-year warranty and the trust of HyperX, the device does some justice to the heavy price-tag.

Here are the listed features of the piece:

  • Studio-sound grade
  • Durable steel frame
  • Signature HyperX memory foam with premium leatherette
  • Next-generation directional 50 mm drivers and multi-dimensional compatibility
  • Detachable noise-cancellation microphone

Be it PC or Console gaming, this one seems to be an overhead companion to all. The initial market reactions have been quite satisfactory.