Is Your Computer Making Weird Noises Heres How to Troubleshoot Them Is Your Computer Making Weird Noises Heres How to Troubleshoot Them

Is Your Computer Making Weird Noises? Here’s How to Troubleshoot Them

Weird noises coming out of your computer can be weirdly terrifying, especially for those who aren’t as tech-savvy. While we’re all used to dealing with the whirs, clicks, and hums of our PCs, a loud thump or buzz that seems out of place could mean something is wrong with your machine. If you hear a constant noise coming from your hard drive, optical drive, or power supply—or if you hear a hissing sound—you need to troubleshoot it as soon as possible.

In some cases, it might be just the fan making noise, but in other cases, it could be something more pressing that you need to address so that your computer doesn’t stop working completely. Here are some tips to help you understand what each type of sound means. That way you can decide whether to replace parts or get help from someone who knows how to fix computers.

Thumping Noise Might Indicate The Fan

If your computer is making a regular thumping noise, it might just be the fan. The fan is the most common cause of noise in computers and can often be fixed by cleaning or replacing it. If your computer fans aren’t working correctly, this may cause overheating and other problems with your system. Computers get hot when they are in use and the fan is an essential component in keeping them cool. Additionally, oscillators in computers help them to function properly. When the fan goes out, it could be an issue with another component like the oscillator and not the fan directly.

Intermittent Buzzing Could Be The Hard Drive

If your computer is making an intermittent buzzing noise, it could just be the hard drive. You may need to open up your case and clean it out. For high-pitched buzzing, you’ll want to remove the hard drive from its enclosure and clean off any dust buildup on or around each platter in the device. Then, use compressed air to blow out any dirt or excess lint that may have accumulated inside of the case—this will help prevent further issues down the road. If you find that this doesn’t work, then there might actually be something wrong with your hard drive’s mechanics—but it’s best to clean it first before replacing it.

Clicking Noises Could Be The Optical Drive

If your computer is making a consistent clicking noise, it might just be the optical drive. The optical drive is an important part of your computer that reads CDs and DVDs. Sometimes, however, these drives can get too hot and make loud noises as they try to spin up. If you’re hearing this sound regularly—or if it seems to happen every time you put a disc into the drive—it’s probably not normal. If you cleaned your system and checked for any visible debris and it’s still making the noise, it’s best to get this checked out by professionals before they become worse problems down the line.

Whirring Noises Might Be A Problem With The Power Supply

If your computer is making a constant whirring noise, it might just be the power supply. Your computer’s power supply is an essential part of the machine that provides energy to all other components. The power supply fan is responsible for cooling down this device. If the fan is failing, the temperature inside may get too high and cause damage to other parts as well as cause serious harm to you.  Additionally, the power supply helps convert AC to DC and powers the motherboard and other computer parts.

Hissing Noises Could Mean A Problem With The Motherboard

If your computer is making a hissing noise, it might just be the motherboard. Motherboards are made up of many different components that can fail over time. If any one of these parts fails, it will create a loud hissing sound. For example, if you hear a high-pitched squeal or sizzle when your computer boots up or shuts down, it could be from the CPU fan or power supply dying out. While you may not have the blue screen of death just yet, it’s important to address the motherboard issue before it becomes a major problem.

Don’t Stress

If your computer is making a weird noise, don’t panic! Most of the time, these noises are perfectly normal and won’t affect your computer’s performance. If you find that a particular noise only happens when using one app or service, then it might be worth troubleshooting that program or service instead of looking at other parts of your system. If you have other symptoms such as slow processing speeds or other computer challenges, you’ll want to address the issue more quickly before it damages your system for good.