iPhone SE 4 Design Leak: Notch and New Features in Spotlight

iPhone SE 4 Design Leak
Discover the latest on the iPhone SE 4 design leak, revealing a notch design with upgrades like Face ID, USB-C, and OLED display, mirroring the iPhone 14's features.

The anticipation around Apple’s iPhone SE 4 has been building, fueled by the latest leaks and rumors suggesting a design closely mirroring the iPhone 14, with notable upgrades that signal the notch is “notch dead yet”. Contrary to the minimalist aesthetic Apple has been moving towards, the iPhone SE 4’s retention of the notch could be seen as a blend of the old and new, merging familiar design elements with advanced technology to cater to a broader audience.

According to an anonymous leak reported by AppleInsider, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to adopt the iPhone 14’s chassis, potentially marking a significant design shift for the SE series. This would include the introduction of Face ID, replacing the traditional Touch ID—a move that would necessitate the presence of a notch for the necessary sensors. Additionally, the leak hints at other major upgrades such as a USB-C port, an OLED display, a single 48MP rear camera, and even an Action button, although the latter’s inclusion remains speculative​.

Gadgets 360 further corroborates these rumors, adding that the iPhone SE 4 might feature design elements like the Dynamic Island from the iPhone 16, alongside a 6.1-inch display and the powerful Apple A16 Bionic chip. These features would represent a considerable leap from its predecessors, offering users high-end capabilities at a more accessible price point​.

The combination of a notch with these advanced features suggests Apple’s strategy of balancing innovation with familiarity. While the notch has been a point of contention among users, its persistence in the SE 4 design could serve to maintain a sense of continuity with previous iPhone models, ensuring a seamless transition for users upgrading from older devices.

However, these rumors and leaks, while compelling, are yet to be officially confirmed by Apple. The evolution of the iPhone SE series has always been about bringing powerful technology to a more price-sensitive segment of the market, and the SE 4 appears to be no exception. With the expected launch in 2024 or 2025, it remains to be seen which of these features will make it to the final product. As always, the true test will be how these updates resonate with consumers, especially those drawn to the SE line for its balance of performance and affordability.

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