iPhone Batterygate Payouts Begin: Apple Disburses $92 Checks for Throttling Scandal

Apple Batterygate Settlement Payout date amount status and more 1

Apple has commenced distributing $92 payments to iPhone users impacted by the “Batterygate” throttling controversy, finally resolving a long-standing lawsuit stemming from 2017. The settlement, totaling $500 million, compensates customers whose iPhones experienced performance slowdowns due to Apple’s controversial battery management practices.

Key Highlights:

  • Apple begins issuing $92 payments to iPhone users affected by “Batterygate” throttling controversy.
  • Settlement stems from 2017 lawsuit over iPhone performance slowdown caused by battery degradation.
  • Eligible users who filed claims receive automatic payments, with payouts potentially reaching $1,000 per person.
  • Move marks resolution to one of Apple’s most high-profile consumer tech scandals.

Apple Batterygate Settlement Payout date amount status and more 1

The saga began in 2017 when iPhone users observed significant performance drops on older devices, particularly during periods of intense battery drain. Investigations revealed that Apple intentionally throttled performance on iPhones with aging batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns. While the move aimed to protect device lifespan, it sparked widespread criticism and accusations of manipulating consumer behavior to encourage device upgrades.

Following a class-action lawsuit, Apple agreed to a $500 million settlement in 2020, with $350 million allocated for direct payments to eligible customers. The remaining $150 million is dedicated to legal fees and administrative costs.

Eligibility and Claim Process:

To receive a payout, users needed to have owned an iPhone 7 or later model, purchased between September 2016 and December 2017, and experienced performance throttling before Apple implemented software updates addressing the issue. Those who filed valid claims are automatically receiving their $92.17 payments via electronic transfer or check, depending on their chosen method.

Potential for Larger Payouts:

For users who owned multiple eligible iPhones or experienced extended periods of throttling, the payout could be significantly higher. Some users have reported receiving payouts exceeding $500, and in rare cases, even close to $1,000.

Resolution to a Tumultuous Chapter:

The “Batterygate” controversy marked a significant turning point in Apple’s relationship with its customers. The company faced intense public scrutiny and criticism for its handling of the situation. While the settlement brings closure to the legal dispute, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and consumer trust in the tech industry.

Looking Ahead:

Apple has since implemented new software updates that provide users with greater control over their battery health and performance management. The company also introduced clearer notifications about potential throttling situations. These actions aim to rebuild trust and prevent similar controversies from arising in the future.


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