iPhone 7 32GB with Intel model is eight times slower than 128GB Qualcomm version

Apple iPhone 7 manufactured with Intel modem is eight times slower than the model manufactured by Qualcomm. According to reports from customers, the iPhone 7 with Intel version is giving decreased performance when compared to the Qualcomm model.

Based on various tests, the model with 32GB internal storage was 200Mbps slower than the 128GB version of the iPhone 7. While the 32GB variant clocked 40Mbps, the 128GB variant spiked up to more than 300Mbps. As you can see from the result, the 128GB version is eight times faster than the 32GB.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 handsets with the Intel chip scored somewhere between 30 and 75 percent lower than the Qualcomm iPhone 7 Plus devices. This is based on tests conducted on the 4G network. If you buy iPhone 7 with Intel modem, you will have to face poor reception and slower speeds. The same use with a Qualcomm chipset will be able to browse fast.

The latest findings are a huge shame for both Apple and Intel. This is because the Cupertino-based giant depended on Intel and this has become a major disaster.

How to avoid problems?

You can avoid problems associated with the modem if you carefully verify the specifications while buying. You should look at the rear of the handset for the model number. If it shows Model A1660 and Model A1661, then the phone will have a Qualcomm modem. If you view Model A1778 and Model A1784, then the phone will be integrated with an Intel modem.

In the US, mobile carriers sell the iPhone handsets. The main point to look is that if you buy iPhone 7 offered by Sprint and Verizon, the phone will have Qualcomm chipset. Meanwhile, T-Mobile and AT&T carry the modem manufactured by Intel.

It is not possible to verify the model number if you buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus online. This is because e-commerce retailers don’t display the above model numbers. Hence, it is advisable to buy iPhone 7 from retail shops so that you can verify the numbers to avoid disappointment.

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