iPad 2017 release might delay due to poor 10nm chip yield

The launch of the next generation Apple iPad could be delayed beyond March 2017. As per sources within Apple, the delay in the launch of the new iPad is due to few issues related to the supply chain caused as a result of low yield rates for the embedded 10nm manufacturing process. Meanwhile, both Samsung and TSMC are facing the same problem in the manufacturing of the new chipset technology.

The upcoming Apple iPad is expected to be manufactured using 10-nanometer process. Technically, the process requires more time and resources, which has ultimately pushed the final release of the much-awaited tablet.

With several rumors on the mills regarding the expected date and specifications of Apple iPad, you need to wait for a big longer provided if the news from the supply chain sources found to be true.

Manufacturers finding tough to produce 10nm chips

Previously, Qualcomm used to unveil a detailed roadmap of products for the upcoming year. However, the company is taking a careful path in 2017 because the low yield rate from Samsung has seriously affected the company’s growth. Furthermore, the low yield rate from TSMC has affected the Cupertino-based giant and its flagship iPad.

Based on reports revealed by DigiTimes, TSMC is expected to start the production of A10X processors for the forthcoming iPad. Even though the new iPad is slated to release in March 2017, there could be a major change in the schedule.

The new 10nm chips will be energy efficient

The main advantage of migrating to the 10nm manufacturing process is that they are energy efficient. The recently released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus shipped with A10 processor, which are developed using the 16nm process. In the case of the upcoming iPad, the heating will be reduced significantly because of the 10nm process. Moreover, it will enhance the speed of the overall iOS experience.

According to industry analysts, the iPhone manufacturer still has plenty of time to solve the issues associated with the production of the new A10X chip. There are reports that TSMC would probably manufacture chips for companies based on priority. In addition to Apple, the company also got orders from HiSilicon and MediaTek.

If rumors are to be trusted, Apple will most likely unveil three iPad models with 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch display sizes. The third model will have a display size in between the first two displays. We expect Apple will release a 10.1-inch display iPad since there is a huge demand for it. There are reports that the third model could flaunt a 10.5-inch display.

When it comes to features, the new iPad will not feature a physical home button, bezel-free display with enhanced RAM and storage. There are talks on various rumors mills about the OLED display. Will iPad 2017 ship with OLED display? We have to wait and watch.


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