iOS 17 Introduces Pet Recognition to the Photos App

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Discover how iOS 17's Photos app now recognizes your pets, allowing you to easily name, organize, and cherish your furry friends' memories right on your iPhone.

In a move that delights pet owners everywhere, Apple’s iOS 17 update has brought a much-anticipated feature to the iPhone’s Photos app: pet recognition. This innovative addition allows users to easily organize, find, and cherish the memories of their furry family members right alongside their human ones.

Key Highlights:

  • The Photos app can now recognize and tag photos of dogs and cats, treating pets as integral members of the family.
  • Users can add names to their pets, sort, and review their photos, creating a personalized album within the app.
  • This feature also supports creating special memories in the ‘For You’ section dedicated to your pets, allowing for quick and easy access to your favorite moments.
  • Advanced image recognition technology ensures accurate differentiation between pets, even those with similar appearances.
  • The pet recognition capability is part of a broader enhancement of the Photos app, which also includes Visual Look Up for food items and improved icon accuracy for various subjects.

How It Works:

Using the Photos app on devices running iOS 17, iPadOS 17, or macOS Sonoma, pet owners can now tag their cats and dogs by simply selecting a photo of the pet, adding a name, and then reviewing additional photos suggested by the system to be included in the pet’s album. This process mirrors the way users have been able to tag of people, making it a seamless integration into the existing user experience​.

Accuracy and Learning:

The Photos app’s ability to distinguish between pets with similar characteristics has shown impressive accuracy, managing to correctly identify individual animals among breeds with common features such as coloration. This precision is part of iOS 17’s broader enhancements to the Photos app, which includes more accurate Look Up features and support for video content.

How the Pet Recognition Feature Works

iOS 17’s advanced image recognition technology is behind this new feature. Here’s how it works:

  • Automatic Detection: The Photos app analyzes your library for frequent appearances of dogs and cats.
  • Grouping: Images of the same pet are intelligently grouped together.
  • Naming: You’ll be prompted to add a name to the identified pet, customizing their profile.

What This Feature Means for Pet Owners

Pet photos often get lost amidst a sea of images on your phone. The iOS 17 update changes that:

  • Easier Search: Quickly find your favorite pet snapshots by searching for their name.
  • Tailored Memories: Enjoy personalized Memories highlights featuring your furry (or feathered!) friend.
  • Celebration of Pets: Apple recognizes the special role pets play in our lives.

Final Thoughts:

The introduction of pet recognition in iOS 17’s Photos app is a significant enhancement for pet owners who see their pets as important as any human family member. This feature not only simplifies the organization and retrieval of pet photos but also enriches the user experience by recognizing the special role pets play in our lives. As iOS 17 rolls out to the public, it’s clear that Apple is keen on making its software not just more intelligent, but also more personal and inclusive.


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