iOS 17 Cheat Sheet: Essential Insights on the Latest iPhone Update


Apple’s latest software update, iOS 17, has been released, and it’s redefining the iPhone experience. With major updates to communication apps, a new charging experience dubbed StandBy, enhanced AirDrop sharing, and improved typing intelligence, iOS 17 is making the iPhone more personal and intuitive than ever​​.

Key Highlights:

  • New Features: Contact Posters, Live Voicemail, enhanced FaceTime, and an innovative stickers experience.
  • Enhanced Phone App: Personalized Contact Posters and Live Voicemail with real-time transcription.
  • FaceTime Upgrades: Leave video/audio messages and expressive reactions like hearts and fireworks.
  • Messages Evolution: Enhanced search, audio message transcriptions, inline replies, and a sleeker look with expandable menu.
  • Live Stickers: Create and customize stickers from photos with added effects.
  • Check In Feature: Notify contacts upon reaching a destination, sharing location and device status securely.
  • StandBy Mode: A new full-screen experience while charging, displaying clock styles, photos, widgets, and more.


Incoming Calls Get a Major Upgrade

The Phone app, a cornerstone of the iPhone experience, has received significant updates. Personalized Contact Posters allow users to customize their appearance when calling contacts, integrating with third-party calling apps. These posters can be personalized with photos, Memoji, and vibrant typography​​.

Live Voicemail: A Game Changer

Live Voicemail, a standout feature of iOS 17, provides real-time transcriptions as voicemails are being left, with the option to pick up mid-message. This feature, processed on-device for privacy, significantly reduces interruptions from unknown and spam callers​​.

New Ways to Enjoy FaceTime

FaceTime now allows users to leave video or audio messages, adding a new dimension to missed calls. It also introduces expressive Reactions like hearts and fireworks, compatible with third-party apps like Zoom and Webex. Additionally, FaceTime can now be connected to Apple TV 4K for a more immersive experience​​.

Enhanced Messages Experience

Messages in iOS 17 introduces powerful search filters, automatic transcription of audio messages, easy inline replies, and a more streamlined interface. The new expandable menu offers quick access to iMessage apps​​.

Live Stickers and Check In Feature

A new stickers experience in iOS 17 allows users to create Live Stickers from photos, adding fun effects. Moreover, the Check In feature in Messages ensures safety by notifying selected contacts upon arrival at a destination, sharing useful information like location and battery level in a secure manner​​​​.

StandBy: A New Charging Experience

StandBy transforms the iPhone into a useful tool while charging. It displays clock styles, photos, widgets, and notifications in a full-screen mode. This feature is especially effective with the Always-On display and adapts to low light conditions with Night Mode​​.

User Feedback and Reviews

Users have noted the substantial feature additions in iOS 17, particularly praising the Live Voicemail and StandBy mode. The Live Voicemail has been lauded for its convenience in screening calls and reducing spam interruptions. StandBy mode has been recognized for its utility, particularly the widget view, which offers a wide selection of customizable widgets​​.

iOS 17 has brought a wealth of new features and improvements, significantly enhancing the iPhone experience. With updates to key apps like Phone and Messages, new ways to enjoy FaceTime, and innovative features like Live Voicemail and StandBy mode, iOS 17 makes the iPhone more intuitive, personalized, and connected. This update reflects Apple’s commitment to evolving the iPhone experience while addressing user feedback and needs.


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