iOS 17.2 Streamlines Sharing of Apple Wallet Passes with AirDrop

Apple’s latest iOS 17.2 beta introduces a new feature that allows users to easily share Apple Wallet passes with other iPhones using AirDrop. This functionality, similar to the existing NameDrop feature for sharing contact details, simplifies the process of transferring boarding passes, movie tickets, and other eligible passes.

Key highlights:

  • Quickly share boarding passes, movie tickets, and other eligible passes with another iPhone.
  • Works similarly to the existing NameDrop feature.
  • Hold iPhones close together and tap the Share button to transfer the pass.
  • Easier sharing for concerts, events, and travel.

iOS 17.2

Seamless Sharing with a Tap

With iOS 17.2, sharing Apple Wallet passes becomes significantly more convenient. To share a pass, users simply need to hold their iPhone near the top of another iPhone. A “Share” button will then appear on the screen. Tapping this button initiates the transfer of the selected pass via AirDrop.

This streamlined method eliminates the need for searching through menus or manually selecting contacts. It’s akin to the effortless experience of NameDrop, making sharing passes as simple as tapping a button.

Enhanced Convenience for Frequent Travelers and Concertgoers

This new AirDrop feature offers a significant advantage for regular travelers and concertgoers who often need to share passes with others. Previously, sharing passes involved opening the Wallet app, finding the specific pass, and either sending it via text message or email or using another sharing method.

With the new AirDrop functionality, the process becomes instantaneous and effortless. Simply holding iPhones together and tapping a button is all it takes to share boarding passes, event tickets, and other relevant passes. This not only saves time but also eliminates the need for additional steps and potential mishaps.

Accessibility and Wider Adoption

This new feature in iOS 17.2 isn’t just convenient; it also promotes accessibility. For individuals with visual impairments or those who struggle with traditional sharing methods, the tap-and-share functionality offers a more accessible solution. Additionally, the simplicity of the process encourages wider adoption and utilization of Apple Wallet passes.

Looking Forward

While the current beta release only supports sharing boarding passes, movie tickets, and a limited number of other passes, it’s likely that Apple will expand the list of eligible passes in future updates. This would further enhance the utility of the feature and make it even more beneficial for users.

The introduction of AirDrop pass sharing in iOS 17.2 represents a significant step forward in terms of user convenience and accessibility. With its effortless functionality and wide range of potential applications, this feature is sure to be welcomed by millions of iPhone users around the world.