Indian Railways all set to trial run first Solar-powered train in Jodhpur

Indian Railways in its bid to become more environment-friendly is all set to try its first train that would run on Solar energy. The first of its kind trial is to be conducted in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The Solar panel powered train is an experiment taken to reduce the consumption of fuels by the Government.

Even though the train will run on conventional diesel consumption but solar energy will be used for internal electricity gadgets. In all 12 solar panels will be fitted on the top of each coach producing 36000 watts of power in all for the smooth running of the train.

Commenting on this Gopal Sharma, PRO North Western Railways said, “This train is to be run as a passenger train and trial of this train will run by the end of this month. Solar panels used on the top of the train coaches will be used for functioning of lights and fan in the coaches.”

India has in recent time has been under a lot of scanners with it being one of the most polluted countries in the world. With this new initiative, the government is looking at reducing the pollution in the country. According to studies if India consumes solar energy it will help in reducing Carbon Dioxide emission by 200 tonnes.

Also, if the solar energy run train trial becomes a success, it will reduce diesel consumption by up to 90,000 litres in the country every year. This step will not only support the green initiative to make India a cleaner environment but also ensure to produce a substitute for fossil fuels which are on the verge of depletion.

Other than the solar energy the Railway is also looking at usage of alternate sources of energy like CNG, Biodiesel and Natural Gas. It already has a successful example with local trains on Rohtak-Rewari section of Delhi division are run on CNG.

This new move by the Government is clearly the need of the hour with India Railways being the fourth largest network in the World

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