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Importance of Self-Clean Technology in Air Conditioners: Explained

With the advent of summers, pollution levels are set to rise across Indian cities. The rise of the mercury levels will also result in humidity which encourages the growth of harmful microbes indoors. Add to that the return of normalcy in the pace of lives, the everyday hustle gives us very little chance of ensuring timely servicing of ACs. Addressing the contemporary challenges, Haier brings to you an innovative air conditioner that will make your life simpler and more convenient. Haier’s Kinouchi 5 Star Heavy – Duty Pro AC with Frost Self-Clean Technology will ensure you have the circulation of healthy air always!

What is Frost Self-Clean Inverter Technology?

Haier offers Frost Self-Clean Technology with 99.9% sterilization in its entire inverter air conditioner range. Through this technology, users can get a complete indoor wet wash with the press of a button, in the comfort of their homes. The technology quintessentially allows you to clean the evaporator of the split air conditioner, without any hassle.

How does this feature work?

Once you activate the Frost Self Clean feature, a frost is formed on the AC’s evaporator which traps all the dust present on the coil during the expansion process. After some time, the frost melts and washes out all the dirt in the form of water out of the drainpipe in just 21 minutes. Additionally, an aluminum angular foil increases the drainage frequency.  Through this, users can get an actual indoor wet wash and breathe clean & healthy air

What are the benefits of Self-Clean Inverter Technology?

You can easily get access to healthy air by the simple click of a button, giving you the luxury of enjoying utmost cooling with ease. This makes Haier ACs, one of the best in the industry. The self-cleaning is carried out by the AC through frosting, defrosting, cold expansion & the mechanism to remove all the dirt that is accumulated inside the machine. The aluminum coil with an anti-bacterial coating contains silver nanoparticles that kills up to 99% bacteria. The double ion sterilization technique tends to clean the residual dirt and bacteria that get stored in the fans & air ducts.

Why is self-cleaning important in an AC?

If left uncleaned, ACs tend to be severely impacted because of bacteria and dirt build-up and the cooling is affected.  With double ion sterilization, not only do the Haier ACs self-clean but clean at the bactericide rate of 99%. Haier’s smart cleaning technology allows you to experience cooling that gives you the comfort of natural wind.

Haier’s ACs ensure that not only are you assured of quality cooling but also an effective mechanism of being satisfied that the air you breathe in, is pure and to your utmost satisfaction.