Hyve Solutions Named Design Partner for NVIDIA HGX Hyve Solutions Named Design Partner for NVIDIA HGX

Hyve Solutions Named Design Partner for NVIDIA HGX: A Strategic Leap in AI Infrastructure

Hyve Solutions partners with NVIDIA as a design partner for the HGX product line, enhancing AI capabilities in datacenters globally. Read more about this strategic tech collaboration.

Hyve Solutions, a subsidiary of TD SYNNEX Corporation, has been officially named a design partner for NVIDIA’s HGX product line, marking a significant advancement in the capabilities of AI datacenters and high-performance computing solutions. This collaboration is poised to redefine the future of AI, ML, and DL workloads across global datacenters.

Empowering AI Advancements with NVIDIA HGX

Hyve Solutions will leverage NVIDIA’s HGX platform to offer a broad spectrum of AI solutions optimized for the latest NVIDIA GPUs, including the H100, H200, and Blackwell models. The partnership emphasizes the use of cutting-edge technologies like liquid cooling and DC busbar power architectures, enhancing the performance and efficiency of datacenter operations.

The Role of Hyve in AI Acceleration

As a design partner, Hyve brings its extensive experience in datacenter design and manufacturing to the table, aiming to meet the evolving needs of its clients with scalable AI datacenter architectures. This initiative reflects Hyve’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in AI by providing high-performance computing solutions that are crucial for the development and deployment of AI infrastructures.

Strategic Impact on the Tech Industry

This partnership is not just a technical collaboration but also a strategic move that underscores Hyve’s role in the hyperscale digital infrastructure industry. It reflects their dedication to supporting organizations worldwide in enhancing their high-performance computing workloads and overall infrastructure. This will likely drive growth and innovation across various sectors reliant on AI technologies.

Future Prospects and Commitment

Hyve’s alignment with NVIDIA’s HGX platform is a testament to their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. By facilitating more efficient design and manufacturing processes and deploying AI datacenter architectures swiftly, Hyve aims to support the continuous transformation of computing and data management technologies.

This strategic partnership between Hyve Solutions and NVIDIA is set to not only accelerate AI capabilities at the datacenter and edge but also transform the operational efficiencies of organizations globally, fostering a new era of industrial AI and high-performance computing.

About Hyve Solutions Corporation

Hyve Solutions Corporation specializes in designing and deploying hyperscale digital infrastructures globally. A subsidiary of TD SYNNEX Corporation, Hyve leverages deep industry experience and strong vendor partnerships to meet today’s datacenter demands and anticipate future needs.


NVIDIA is a leading global technology company known for its powerful GPU innovations that fuel advancements in AI and gaming. By developing the HGX platform, NVIDIA continues to be at the forefront of accelerating AI and high-performance computing across industries.

This partnership reflects a significant stride in addressing the complex demands of modern AI infrastructures and is likely to influence future technological developments in AI and computing.

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