HyperX’s New Cloud2O Hydration Headset is finally here; to empower gamers to play and stay hydrated at the same time

HyperX, the gaming peripherals team at HP Inc. and brand leader in gaming and esports, has announced the launch of the HyperX Cloud2O Hydration Headset. Coined from a commonly used gaming phrase, ‘Stay Hydrated’, the announcement aligns with HyperX’s plans for April Fool’s Day this year.

Dehydration has become common among all ages. Fatigue and headaches are the major symptoms, which may impact concentration levels and take the fun out of gaming. This led the gaming community to come up with a wholesome slogan of ‘Stay Hydrated’. HyperX Cloud2O Hydration Headset attests to this slogan by reminding gamers to take a sip during intense, all-day gaming sessions. The headset uses HyperX’s patented swerve technology that smartly places the drinking tube into position, empowering gamers to refill themselves with their favourite drinks from the reservoirs on the earcups.

The headset is powered by HyperX NGENUITY software that allows users to check reservoir levels and customize hydration reminder intervals. They can also configure the software to cool themselves by spraying water when they exceed mic input thresholds during intense gaming sessions.

As it is an April Fool’s Day announcement, HyperX Cloud2O Hydration Headset pricing and availability are yet to be decided.

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