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HP Spectre x360 Windows 8.1 convertible launched in India for Rs. 129990

HP has announced the availability of 13.3-inch Windows 8.1 convertible ultrabook, HP Spectre x360, in Indian market for Rs. 1,29,990. The director – Personal Systems, PPS HP India, Ketan Patel, said that customers have been looking for a beautiful device with quality delivery, is versatile and is portable.

“This is one of the company’s ‘most premium’ compact PC products considering its specs,” Patel said. The device that was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2015 is designed with an all-CNC aluminum chassis. With its height and weight of 15.9 millimeters and 1.48 Kgs respectively, it is a transformational one as it has the productivity of a high-end notebook.

The laptop has such as a spectacular look. It is a brand that is expected to attract the kind of crowd that the Apple MacBook Air draws in. It features both laptop and tablet mode. At some point, you can have a standing mode for viewing entertainment and a tent mode for touchscreen entertainment. While on the go, you will have the tablet mode on it.

However, the design still does not have much to offer in terms of oomph compared to the Apple notebook. Nevertheless, its internals packs quite a punch.

The new hinges on this device ensure the display glides smoothly and that it is in a place where a user wants it to be. This is made possible by the set of three spiral gears purposed for synchronized and precise movement.

The name 360 was born from the fact that it can be flipped over by a full 360 degrees. It comes with lower configuration options of 4GB RAM, Intel ‘Broadwell’ Core i5 chipset and storage of 128GB to 512GB SSD.

This device does not have battery draining or brightness issues courtesy of the 4K touch panel that is optically bonded to the display. Its battery life can stretch up to 10.5 hours of average use.


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