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How to create responsive websites easily without the knowledge of coding

A modern interactive website is the cornerstone of any business in today’s age. After all, a website serves as a visible face of your business in the virtual world. Visitors to your site will get to know your company via your website even before they might have ever gotten to know what product or services you have to offer.

However, as things usually are, there are a lot of other companies just like yours also vying for client’s attention. Also, with competition getting fiercer every day, you need to be really special if you wish to stand above the crowd. A nice looking website tailor-made to suit your requirements and that reflects your business strategies and visions is the perfect way to get started on that.

It is here that the Editor X tool makes its presence felt. Created by Wix, it is a web development platform that provides an unparalleled scope for designers to excel at what they are good at – designing the most interactive and alluring site they might have ever dreamt of. The best thing about Editor X is that it comes with integrated coding capabilities, which means you need not be a pro in coding to create a website and get started with your dream site.

Clearly, one of the biggest advantages with Editor X is its approachable CSS feature along with built-in business solutions that take the complexity out of the web development process. This provides the best scenario for you to unleash your creativity unlike any other. You can get started with an idea right away, provide your design inputs, and move onto production with no other disruptions in between. It is as simple as that and speaks volumes of the flexibility that the platform provides.

Among the other positive attributes of Editor X is that it relies on CSS technologies such as Grid and Flexbox to make it easy for designers to move along with their creative pursuit. With Flexbox, you can make the most of smart layouting so that content is able to adjust on its own in any screen in single, multiple, and repeating layouts.

Similarly, with Breakpoint Precision, designers can create custom breakpoints that help come up with the exact design needed to suit any viewport. Rearranging layouts will be easier too as designers will have complete freedom to decide on the elements they wish to hide or those that they want to project.

There is the Text Scale feature too where designers can create scalable font sizes while Flex Layouter allows them to reconfigure content automatically while resizing. Web designers will also appreciate the feature wherein they can simply drag and drop the styling elements precisely at the point they want it to be. This will save them hours spent in writing CSS codes for the same.

Other features that designers will have at their disposal include Grid Layouting that is based on CSS Grid and the docking feature that helps in anchoring the design elements at a precise position even as the viewpoint undergoes changes. There is the Flexible canvas feature as well, complete with resizing handles that will enable designers to easily resize and optimize the website to suit any device type that your clients are likely to use to visit your site.

These apart, there is also the Advanced sizing control that will let the designers decide whether an element within the site is fixed or fluid. Similarly, there is the Stack and scale media feature that ensures your site will respond seamlessly in any usage scenario. There is an impressive array of website templates available as well that will let you get started with a professional and responsive website in no time.

These apart, Editor X can also tap into the huge business solutions Wix has at its disposal. This allows website designers to have a site that is fully optimised to the particular business scenario that applies to them. This can mean implementing features to allow for online bookings, managing multiple sales networks, and so on. That way, you can be assured of the most professional looking website for your business that upholds the core principles and values that your company stands for.

Another huge positive with the Editor X platform is that it keeps track of every change introduced to the site during the designing phase. That way, designers always have the option to retrace their path back to the point where the design is acceptable and move ahead from that point onwards. This will save designers a lot of efforts as they will be saved from redesigning a previous version all over again.

The analytical and reporting tools that Editor X can use with the site are of good quality too. What’s more, those can be integrated with Google Analytics as well, which will help business owners to keep track of their website’s performance over a period of time. However, the ability to integrate with Google Analytics only applies to the paid premium version of Editor X.

Also, just in case you’d like to add a blog to your site, that can be pulled off easily with Editor X via a plugin. There is also a range of blogging features available to make your blogging endeavour a huge success. Those include the ability to schedule blog posts, implement categories, offer a comments section and so on.

So, whether you are operating a small business or a huge company employing scores of people, a sleek and sophisticated website is indispensable to hit the high road to success. With a platform like Editor X, you won’t have to look any further for a site that best suits your company’s requirements.

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