How to Compare and Evaluate Bonuses Offered by Different Casinos 1 How to Compare and Evaluate Bonuses Offered by Different Casinos 1

How to Compare and Evaluate Bonuses Offered by Different Casinos

Online casinos all over the globe understand that in order to stay relevant in the face of increased competition, among other things, they have to offer their players some sort of bonus. If you look around, you’ll notice that there are plenty of new casino bonuses every day. Bonuses are used by many casinos, such as online casino Australia real money 2022 to attract new clientele and retain real ones.

Without some sort of casino bonuses, a majority of players will head elsewhere where they can find attractive bonuses that they can take advantage of and use to increase their bankroll. Of importance to note as a player is that there are plenty of different casino bonuses that you can find at online casino sites. In this article, we inform you of how you can go about comparing and evaluating bonuses that are offered by different casino sites.

Why Do Casinos Always Have in Place a Room for Bonuses?

Every online casino’s trick to attracting new players to their site is the bonus they offer them or progressive jackpots with casino slots. You’ll find that each online casino has its own method of rewarding new players with bonuses if you do your research. But how do you know if the bonus you’re being offered is a fair deal or not?

Keep in mind that the vast majority, if not all, of the benefits you’ll receive are subject to certain conditions and restrictions. You can use them to place a bet or play a game in the hopes of winning real money, but you should be mindful of the wagering restrictions.

This is only possible if you read the bonus terms and conditions completely. As a result, learn to evaluate not just the declared worth of bonuses you receive but also the fine print of the terms and conditions. If you fail to go through the terms and conditions of the bonus that you get at online casinos, you may feel as if you got a raw deal if things don’t go your way.

We always make sure to update our list of some of the best casino bonuses that you can find out there. While there are plenty of casino bonuses that such sites offer to their customers, some of the most common types of casino bonuses you will find below.

Welcome Bonuses

Today’s online casinos provide a wide range of casino incentives to their consumers. The welcome bonus is the one you’re most likely to get right away. Newly registered players are offered a welcome bonus, which is usually rather lucrative. However, it’s critical to be aware of the various circumstances that surround a welcome bonus when using it. Again, you may want to go through the fine print of welcome bonuses so that you don’t feel cheated or disappointed in the end.

In short, though, free spins along with a symbolic amount to a player’s deposit account are what can sort of bribe users to go on and register on a particular site. Suppose you’ve already registered your personal account at a casino of your choice; it may be worth choosing what will offer you the best conditions from the beginning.

Pros are the following:

  • Most come as a 100% bonus;
  • Some come with low wagering requirements of up to 25X;
  • Increase your bankroll.

VIP Bonuses

Besides the welcome bonuses, online casinos also have what’s known as VIP Bonuses. If you’re a regular player at an online casino, you might be eligible for a VIP bonus. A VIP bonus is a type of loyalty incentive that you will receive as a client when you are recognised for being an active online casino player.

You can earn a VIP bonus by collecting points, which you can then convert into cash, free spins, or reload bonuses. There are other online casinos that will allow you to convert your VIP points into a lottery entry. Others will allow you free trips to certain destinations or some free vouchers for shopping.

When evaluating and comparing VIP bonus offers, you may want to go for those that allow you to claim such offers within the shortest time possible. If anything, you shouldn’t ignore the chance of taking advantage of VIP bonus offers.

Reload Bonuses

As previously stated, welcome bonuses are often reserved for newly registered clients, although existing customers may also be eligible for similar incentives. These benefits are known as reload bonuses and are used to replenish your account. A reload bonus usually has a lesser match rate and maximum deposit limit than a welcome bonus, but it’s still a bonus that an existing customer can benefit from. Luckily enough, plenty of casinos today have this sort of offer under their menu of promotions and other offers to their customers.

Referral Bonuses

When comparing and evaluating bonuses that are offered by online casinos, you may come across referral bonuses. But what are these referral bonuses? Before we explain matters to do with referral bonuses, first, you need to understand that it is beneficial to have buddies.

If you are a member of an online casino, you may be eligible for a bonus if you suggest a friend to open an account. This type of referral bonus sounds appealing, but it can be difficult to understand because the wagering criteria must often be met by both you and your friend. If you fail to meet the wagering requirements, you may not be in a position to take advantage of this type of bonus.

Cashbacks and Free Spins for Being not so Lucky

Every player has terrible days, and many casino sites offer consolation prizes in the shape of free spins or a percentage payback on losses to a bonus account to keep players from leaving in a foul mood. Significant losing can cause gambling addiction, the problem Alexis Conran discusses with other gamblers. Plenty of online casinos offer their players some sort of cashbacks plus some free spins, especially for those who aren’t lucky at times.


Bonuses are common at online casinos. Online casinos understand that in order to retain more players to their sites, encourage dormant players to play again and retain real ones, then among other things that they need to offer their players, bonuses and promotions are necessary. When comparing and evaluating bonuses and promotions that you can find at online casino sites, make sure you go for those that are easy to claim and don’t come with some of the most difficult terms and conditions attached to them.