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How to become a Windows Insider to get Windows 11 for free

Wish to be privy to all that goes on behind the scenes at Microsoft before a major Windows iteration is made available? Be part of the Windows Insider team to have a first-hand account of it all, which includes having a preview of the upcoming Windows 11 version before anyone else.

To help you get started with the Windows Insiders Program, it happens to be a community of die-hard Windows fans and fanatics, who, to a large extent are also responsible for shaping future Windows iterations. They are the ones who get to have the feel of an upcoming update or a new version before anyone else.

They run previews of upcoming Windows versions that are referred to as the Windows Insider Preview Builds. They are partially baked Windows versions so that it is common to find bugs and issues with them. The role of the Windows Insider community is to run the Preview Builds in their respective devices so that they can provide feedback on those. They also get to interact with the Microsoft engineers on some occasions and hence, can be directly responsible for giving shape to future Windows versions.

That way, the Windows Insider community can be considered a privileged team as they are the ones that not only get to see what Windows are going to be like in the future but can also be part of the decision-making process as well. Among the features that the Insiders got to see about Windows 11 include the stylish new Menu, the fluid touch response, the new advanced Microsoft Store, or the new gaming features that take gaming to a new level altogether.

That apart, the Windows Insider community also has access to exclusive Microsoft news articles, tips-and-tricks, and other stuff that might trickle down to the general public even months down the line. Take for instance the Chat from Microsoft Teams feature has been made available to the Insiders on the Dev channel.

Further, there are often contests and other fun events held that the Windows Insider group has access to. Besides, they can also meet or interact with other Microsoft experts, either in real life or via virtual means.

So, if all of the above seems too exciting to give it a miss, here is how you can be part of the Windows Insider community.

The process starts by registering at the Windows Insider site www. insider. windows dot com. There are no costs involved whatsoever.

By registering, you are already on to the most exciting part of it all, which is flighting. This refers to the process of running the Windows Insider Preview Build on your device.

Make a note of all that you feel is deviating from the normal. Report such issues or bugs at the Feedback Hub. You can back up your assertions with an explanation of the issues, the details of your device along with a description of how the issue can be recreated. You can also include screenshots as well to drive home your point even better.

Other ways of interacting with the Microsoft teams include Twitter and the Answers Forum, apart from the Windows Insider Tech Community as well.