Hifiman Waterline RE-400 premium-quality earphones hands-on review

Hifiman RE-400 Review

Recently, we got a chance to play with this beautifully crafted Waterline RE-400 earphones by Hifiman, a skilful company from China that successfully presented the blend of premium build quality, high audio performance and price factor; Balanced, good qualities.

Since last few days, we are observing this beautiful piece of an in-ear earphones and we are pretty much impressed by its performance that makes it totally worth buying.

Hifiman RE-400 Review


To start with the box and packaging, it is quite luxurious and has enough amount of replacement Silicone Earbud tips of various sizes, filter accessories (helps protect the earphone’s inner components from dust), clip-affix the cable to a shirt or jacket to minimize cable noise and a pouch to carry earphones. Stylishly Fashioned In-Ear Monitor (IEM) with Silver Matte Body is quite comfortable and fit in ears properly.

Hifiman RE-400 Review


The 50-inch-long, OFC copper cable is cloth covered up to a point, which afterwards divides into separate left and right plastic-covered cables. Just to mention, microphones are missing that makes it solely a music device.

The Hifiman RE-400 Waterline 8.5mm titanium-coated drivers were designed and engineered in the company’s factory. The impedance of this earphone is rated at 32 ohms.

The 45 degrees tilted plug helps in to hold up wire better than a straight plug.

Hifiman RE-400 Review


While testing, we paired Hifiman RE-400 with several Android / iOS devices and Bluetooth speakers, and we are happy to mention that it did not disappoint us at all with sound quality; clean, tight, well defined.


We also played some songs that required good speed; Hifiman RE-400 played them effortless, with a smooth sound signature. Audio is very expressive, vocal and instrument separation is stunning. Clarity and transparency are also impressively clear.

Hifiman RE-400 Review

Frequency Response: 15~22 KHZ
Sensitivity: 102dB
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Cable Length: 1.33m
Plug: 3.5mm

Pros & Cons

While the Hifiman RE-400 lacks pretty common in-line remote/microphone compared to many of Bluetooth IEMs available in the market, its comfortable fit and clear sound will appeal to audiophiles or anyone craving such beautiful in-ear earphones.

Hifiman RE-400 Review



Hifiman Waterline RE-400 is available at 4,999-5,999 INR in India on various ecommerce websites. In our opinion, it would be a mistake to call the Hifiman RE-400 off as a budget friendly effort in the field of huge competition. But the sound output is pretty good in iPhones, and if you are looking for premium quality IEMs, Hifiman Waterline RE-400 is totally recommended.