Heavy winds damage Air India Boeing-787 Dreamliner and one more plane at Delhi IGI Airport

Two Air India aircrafts including a Boeing-787 Dreamliner had to be grounded after their engines hit an aerobridge and a container. The mishap was caused by strong winds at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on 12:15 PM on 18th July, 2015.

The two planes included a Boeing 787 and Boeing 777. Both the aircraft engines suffered damages leading to the grounding of the aircraft.

The Boeing-787 Dreamliner left engine was reported to have been hit by the aerobridge or jetty and the nose cowl also suffered damages. The right thrust reverser of the Boeing-777’s was damaged after being hit from behind by a container.

The Boeing -787 having registration number VT-ANV was parked at bay 22, and the Boeing-777 having registration number VT-ALK was parked at bay 18.

According to the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), the forecast for the winds was only for 20 knots while at the time of the incident wind speeds had reached 48 knots.

Delhi airport’s Operation Control Centre had released a weather update that forecast a thunderstorm with rain and could be accompanied by gusts of winds up to 20 knots. The thunderstorm was predicted between 1200 to 1500 hrs.

The aircrafts were scheduled to fly to Sydney and Hyderabad. Air India made alternate arrangements to fly the stranded passengers of both planes to their destination.

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