Google’s New Photos App Tags Black People As Gorillas

While Google has been outsmarting others in the tech world, it seems that its Photos application has a long way to go, as the new app shockingly identified black people as “gorillas”.

On June 28, Jacky Alciné- a web developer based out of Brooklyn, posted a screenshot on Twitter, where the photos he had uploaded with another friend tagged them as “gorillas”.

Google launched the much awaited Photos app in May which will work on the threads of image recognition software. The new app will be high on artificial intelligence and can identify people, places and other things on its own.

However, it seems there is a long way to glow as the recent glitch has been more than just ordinary.

Google+’s chief architect, Yontan Zunger, was quick to respond to the man on Twitter, and he posted, “This is 100% Not OK.” He also said that the team is working on a fix on the issue.

The first fix used by Google wasn’t effective, which is why probably, the ‘gorilla’ tag has been entirely removed from the list. Zunger also said that long-term fixes are being worked on, which will also include better recognition of “dark-skinned faces”.

Further, a statement was issued from Google, where spokeswoman Katie Watson has said that the team is genuinely sorry and appalled at the glitch, and immediate action is being taken.

She also added that a lot more work is left with automatic image labeling and work is on to avoid such issues in future.

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