Google’s Influence: The Decisive Factor in Apple’s Rejection of Bing Purchase

In a recent revelation, it has been reported that Google’s financial might played a pivotal role in Apple’s decision to decline the acquisition of Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Key Highlights:

  • Microsoft had plans to sell its Bing search engine to Apple.
  • The discussions didn’t progress beyond preliminary talks.
  • Eddie Cue, Apple’s Senior VP of Services, was approached by Microsoft for the deal.
  • Google’s deal with Apple, estimated between $4 and $7 billion in 2020, was a significant factor.
  • Google’s presence on Apple devices has been a topic of discussion in recent antitrust trials.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, strategic partnerships and acquisitions are commonplace. However, not all proposed deals see the light of day. Such was the case with Microsoft’s proposition to sell its Bing search engine to tech giant Apple. According to a report from Bloomberg, Microsoft envisioned Bing as a potential replacement for Google as the default search provider on Apple’s range of devices, including iPhones and MacBooks.

However, the discussions never matured beyond the initial conversation phase. One of the key figures in these discussions was Eddie Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services. Cue, who played a crucial role in brokering Apple’s multi-billion dollar deal with Google, was approached by Microsoft executives with the Bing proposal. This deal with Google, speculated to be worth between $4 and $7 billion in 2020, ensured Google’s default placement on Apple devices.

The dynamics between tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft often shape the trajectory of the industry. As companies jostle for dominance in various sectors, strategic decisions such as partnerships, acquisitions, and rejections can have ripple effects throughout the tech world. In the case of the Bing proposal, it’s evident that while financial considerations play a role, strategic alignment and long-term vision are equally crucial. As the digital age progresses, watching these tech titans navigate their paths, make alliances, and sometimes clash, offers valuable insights into the future of technology and its impact on consumers.

This strategic placement of Google on Apple devices has recently been under scrutiny. The Department of Justice’s antitrust trial over Google’s search business brought this to the forefront. During the trial, Cue testified, shedding light on the intricacies of the deal.


While the tech world is rife with mergers and acquisitions, not all proposed deals come to fruition. The potential sale of Bing to Apple is a testament to this. The overarching influence of Google’s financial prowess and its strategic placement on Apple devices was a significant factor in Apple’s decision to decline the Bing acquisition. The tech landscape remains dynamic, and such revelations provide a glimpse into the strategic decisions made by tech behemoths.